More than just hemp seeds. You need a plan.

It’s planting season - let’s talk seeds and what you do after you get them.

Patriot Shield was one of the first national transporters to get involved in delivering genetics across state lines and in 2019, we moved nearly 5,000,000 baby hemp plants across the US for some of the largest genetics providers in the industry. And even more importantly, in the fall, we did harvest support operations for more than 500 acres and actually saw what came out of those fields.

For 2020, we’ve partnered with those genetics companies to bring the best seed catalog possible to market with the best prices, the biggest names, and the best strains. We’re also bringing a structured propagation plan and the ability to “start your seeds locally” right at your farm and save on transportation costs for cheaper than you can probably do it on your own.


  • Step 1: Choose your seed from our custom catalog showcasing industry leading strains from original breeders
  • Step 2: Propagate locally with our planting plan and start your seeds in hoop houses at your farm to save time and money
  • Step 3: Hemp Consulting and Agronomy Support is provided with every 5+ acre purchase of our seeds and discounts if more hands on consulting is required
  • Step 4: Harvest support coordination and services - growing is only half the battle! We’ll help you figure out how to get it out of the ground, dried, prepped and ready to market
  • Step 5: Distribution assistance through our network of labs, manufacturers and flower buyers both local and internationally.

Let’s talk. Please comment or DM to learn more or have a conversation about what your farm is doing.


Great job this is perfect for you farmers you doing a great service


Processor bound cbd hemp is down to about 50 cents per point right now. Can you show me the math for number of seeds I have to buy per acre and the cost, then estimate yield per acre at today’s prices, and come out profitable?


Hey @Autumn_Ridge_Hemp, I know it’s tight these days! I just got off a plane so let me go wash off the corona virus off and give you some good numbers tonight. These strains with this plan will still work when a lot of others won’t.

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@Autumn_Ridge_Hemp, where are you geographically? I just pitched this down in Louisiana after seeing a couple farms in Arkansas just north of there crush it with this last year. (It did even better in Colorado with even more plants per acre).

We’ve got a early finishing genetic that matures fast, grows vertical, and is very mold resistant so you can pack them in super tight per acre and get your space’s worth. We’re recommending as much as 10,000+ in some cases but let’s use 8,000 per acre as an example. (I know it sounds high but trust me, all the major players are getting tighter and making crops more ideal for machine harvesting). I’m telling people 1/2 lbs per plant but saw more than one farm double that last year.

We can do the seeds for only $.50 (or less for big bulk) and these are all feminized with reports (and germ reports) at almost 100%. We even have a propagation system where we’ll come to your farm and put the seeds in trays and into hoop houses for only another $.50. Also, if you’re a second year farmer, which it sounds like you are, we can defer some payments to the end of the year. Stupid good deal.

So if you do 8,000 an acre and get a 1/2 lbs per plant, that’s 4,000 lbs per acre. Really good compared to lots of farms last year but very doable with these genetics.

If I use HempBenchmarks worst sales numbers as a gauge with conservative conversion numbers to crude, iso and distillate, this is what you’re looking at:

Biomass @$4/lbs = $16,000 per acre
Crude @$275/lbs = $44,000 per acre (50% to farmer)
Isolate @$700/kg = $62,500 per acre (40% to farmer)
T-Free @1,600/kg = $145,000 per acre (30% to farmer)

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@Autumn_Ridge_Hemp , what we recommend again this year is to try and sell about 1/2 right out the gate as biomass for whatever price you can get - don’t be greedy here. After that, let us sit on the rest and get it processed and sold for a little more.

Or throw up one greenhouse with the money you can save on the seed payment deferment I’ll offer and do a smokable crop that we can sell for pretty penny if it comes out to offset some of the dropped oil prices. We’ll work with you on a distribution plan.