Moisture in solvent tank

Would moisture in my solvent tank make my pours come out darker? Also if moisture was in solvent tank wouldn’t my recovery be noticeably slower?

Yes and yes, if you don’t have a mol sieve in-line then I suggest adding one. Run the solvent through the system with nothing in it to distill it with fresh and baked mol sieve to remove moisture. If you want, add some media to your crc that will be good to absorb moisture as well. Silica, alumina, bentonite clay.

This should be a normal practice when introducing new solvent as well to your system and recovery/holding tanks.

Remember to clean the system thoroughly and wipe down after distillation just in case you run into any mystery goop.


Okay thank you I have a sieve but I been running fresh frozen that is pretty icy

It also has a lot of fan leaves that’s why I’m asking

Is there something that you want from the leaves? Exclude them from your run. “icy”, like froze / thawed / re-froze? Consider trichome encapsulation (yield) in that ice and cellular lysis (color and quality). Gonna have to go through more of them mol sieve beads, too, like CheebaChief was saying. With sympathy, dealing with a similar problem here, people letting the FF thaw.

Hope this helps :


not if it stays in your tank…it needs to get involved in the actual extraction to effect color.

if you do your reading you’ll see that “dark extract” is one of the commonalities that bring folks to exploring their molsieves. the other is having ice get in their way.

possibly, although this is going to depend on system configuration. I could certainly set a system up either way…

however, the more efficient setups have a cold condenser on the way to the solvent tank, and getting ice in there will generally bring you to a dead stop.

…and how often have you been regenerating the beads?

do you know how to test them?

maybe start here: Molecular sieve beads


run colder, if its sub temps most if not all of your moisture should stay locked in the tube/material, make sure your mol sieve beads are freshly cooked and dry, make sure to distill all of your gas before running product. its also quite possible youve let your material thaw and refreeze which will bust the cell walls and leech out chlorophyll making a darker product.