Modern Waxpens/Waxmods

Any of y’all tried these new style wax atomizers? They’re a huge step up from the old wire wrapped fiber globe pens circa 2013. These are from divine tribe(mfgd by SZ crossing), but there are similar options from Humboldt Vape tech, advanced vape supply, etc. It’s nice having a portable rig that I can break down to use dry or accessorize to use with a bong.

It’s definitely in the early stages of adoption, but there are pretty good sized communities for these devices on reddit. I’m really interested in seeing where these devices end up, for me it’s a more than welcome break from C-Cell style vaping. Any thoughts?


I’d try one out on my rig. Had to be better than my torch.

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Eh, I still like using both, this way is better for low temp though I feel like. I’m trying to dial in the temperature control right now, but it’s more involved than I would’ve thought initially. Using open source firmware like arctic fox offers more customization for these, right now I’ve got it set to auto-fire for 40 seconds at 420f(?) with the Ti crucible

Eh, I don’t care for any of those things. Too small for a good size rip and they need constant cleaning.

I have a sai taf, divine tribe v3, and one of their ceramic devices.

They all collect dust in my junk drawer and I use my enail for a daily driver.


The Yocan evolve XL Plus rips pretty hard, The closest i’ve had to a real dab. Its got a little screw on container on the bottom for your concentrates and the coils last a long time.


They rip but not comparable to these all glass styles that your concentrate never touches a coil. I have used the Evolve XL Plus since it came out. Pretty sure they are the only ones that make a 4 coil. I had been using the new Yocan Regen with 3 coils but now mostly use the quartz atomizers for on the go. At home its dab rig all day every day.


I have the Divine V4 Crucible and the quartz quest which I like better. The Pulsar APX Volt is my fav of these style atomizers for on the go. I mostly smoke live resin and live diamonds with terp sauce and the hits taste so much better then the traditional coil style. As CM mentioned def more of a PITA as you have to Q-tip every few hits or so. You gotta waste it to taste it and to me taste is more important than wasting it.

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Yeah, for on the go I just decarb diamonds, add terps, then fill carts.

These things seem cool, but they’re too much effort. Trying to use one for a dab rig would be awful imo.

I mean it does say to only use a dab the size of a grain of rice lol, that won’t cut it for me personally. I take .2g dabs approximately.

V3 is not comparable to the V4 and Not muchy better than a Yocan ceramic donut as that’s what it is. I have run my own business for the past 21 years and not retail where I see people so I been smoking all day every day and my tolerance is high and I get baked using these style. If you haven’t tried all glass atomizer that your concentrate never touches a hot coil then I highly suggest you try. I don’t like carts and I make mine the same way with no cut or nasty distillate. I agree they aren’t for everyone for some more work then they are worth but for me I am a terp whore flavor chaser and nothing beats them on the go for this purpose.


The v3 absolutely has the all quartz cup. Can’t find it now, but it does.

Nope, I’m an idiot. It was the v2

This is the one I have

Yep that’s the quartz quest. This is the V3 that I thought you had
Divine Crossing Version 3 Rebuildable Ceramic Donut Diffuser - Divine Tribe

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You thought I had it because I’m a dummy lol. My bad.

Buut back on topic! For dabs, I’d strongly recommend an enail and a SiC dish over these things.

Much less work, and they hit like a champ.


I can get a monster hit with the bubbler attachment. I use it when I don’t feel like breaking out the glass rig enail with the cord. This is cordless LOL


Matt from DT is coming out with a SiC crucible for the V4 and QQ. You can also pull off the stock crucible and put a 25mm insert on the heating element with the bottomless banger I’m using

That’ pretty sweet

I take it that has a bigger quartz cup than the older versions I was referring to? It looked like it from the pictures I was seeing?

In the first pic from left to right is the V4 Ti, the QQ and the V4 quartz minus the base. The v4 is much bigger

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How many hits does that mod give before it needs a recharge?

You got my curiosity going haha, it looks like they’ve made some good progress since I’ve last tried these things.