Mixing your own nutrients

So one of my customers always said that the hydro store is just dolled up overpriced water. When I managed ~150 lights lights, I switched them to a commercial salt mix. Add the price of insecticidal soap and you have an entire feed and IPM program. We ended up paying about $0.08/gallon feed and foliar even with AGT-50 fulvic as a biostimulant.

Here’s our salt mix start to finish:
(5 gallons concentrate A+B, 10ml A+B/L, 1.4 EC, 500 total gallons)

A - Chelated Micros Micros 76 g
A - Calcium Nitrate (Tetrahydrate) Ca(NO3)2.4H2O 1682 g
A - Ammonium Nitrate NH4NO3 478 g
A - AGT-50 500 ml (1ml/final gallon)

B - Magnesium Sulfate (Heptahydrate) MgSO4.7H2O 959 g
B - Potassium Sulfate K2SO4 366 g
B - Potassium Monobasic Phosphate KH2PO4 415 g

Save money compared to the hydroponics store and mix your own fertilizer!


Thanks for sharing!


I use technaflora nutrients for about 8yrs now. Its literally a 6 bottle setup on feed days. Then I use 4 bottles (other stuff, not technaflora) for amendment days.

I may give this a try.

What’s the ppm of your recipe? I’m at 1480ppm currently. Zero burn. If I feed less, at week 5 I have bad issues.


What micros do you use?


Even if you don’t try this, you would like either jacks powder. This is a nice easy mix though, if I my grows were of a meaningful size, I’d try this out.

Powders much easier and cheaper than bottles imo.

I use mega crop, but more people here would vouch for jacks.


@Demontrich In Promix, I keep it 1.4 EC (700 ppm on most meters). In coco, I have to go up to 11-1200 ppm by the end of flower. This room was CO2 and new bulbs. The 4-1-5 NPK ratio prevents it from burning, unlike with silly hydro store bloom boosters.

@Jmvernonia Peter’s STEM works, but I prefer chelated micros from Custom Hydro Nutrients

@Curious_miner We mix 5 gallons of liquid at a time from raw salts. This is a couple cents cheaper a gallon than Jacks. When you get going through a bunch of gallons those cents add up against product margin quickly.




Jacks 5-12-26 are great base (part a) nutes

Jacks, Yara or Haifa 25-50lb bags of calcium nitrate are about as cheap as you can get

Then epsom or magnesium sulfate can be bought in 25-50lb bags as well…

I can get jacks locally for 50 bucks per 25lb bag I usually buy 10 at a time and 4 or 5 50lb bags of calcinit and 50lbs of magnesium sulfate.

I tried 2 different formulas of Greenleaf one part but it never worked as good as jacks and it’s dirty as hell so it gums up dosatrons and I’ve heard blumats as well. I tried it for a few crops and switched back to Jack’s after.having not so great of a time with it.


@square_root_pharms Greenleaf Megacrop uses a cheap Chinese humic that falls out and doesn’t offer much benefit. For soil it’s fine. For hydro and production, it’s not fantastic.


Ya it was crap. Gunked up reservoirs and shit


I run HGV nutrients that has a Base then Growth/Flower depending on your needs. I run the concentrate in 55 gallon drums and dose thru hammer pumps 1:500.


It has similar results for me with soil as jacks. But I could see it being an issue for hydro.

But that being said, I didn’t know about the Chinese ingredients. That’s kinda shady.

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Glad i use something made in the USA by Mom and Pops. :100:


Yeah, I’m not happy about mega crop now. Fuck that noise.

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Im trying as best i can to not send my mula to china any more.


What is your take on the Athena ag liquid salts. No mixing to dilute, all the other benefits of running salts, but more easily measurable and works with a dosotron (sp) vs having to hand mix.

I just buy raw bulk compost and brew my own teas and amend my soil as needed . Personally I like to top dress every 2-3 weeks, weekly insect frass foliar until flower for silica boost , and weekly compost tea(s) . I will use epsom salt as a magnesium and sulphur boost occasionally as well . Bio alive from down to earth is a great product and love all their amendments . All my teas are fish , kelp ,insect frass , and occasionally other goodies . Roots organic has terp tea grow and bloom that’s basically an all in one that has trace minerals , microbes, and NPK that can top dressed or brewed in teas that’s pretty awesome. If i use bottled nutes i go with the small company called elevation organics that has a grow , bloom, humic acid , and yucca its been my favorite so far .


What is the picture you posted. Hand water and no recirc nutrients? Seems like a lot of water on the floor ?

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Same here, I know it’s impossible to completely stop buying Chinese shit, but as much as I can, I’m avoiding it, because fuck China.

@Dred_pirate, the athena line, is this the stuff you’re talking about?


@Onceovertwice Yes, they are hand watered to floor drains. The dehus/air circulation are good enough that the floors are dry in an hour.

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Better stop buying TV’s, Nike’s, and about 75% of all hour household items and clothing.