Mixing distillate with rosin for catridges

Trying to use a rosin distillate mixture for homemade cartridges. Would decarb+syringe with filter for the fats be my best option for the rosin? Also, depending on the ratio i use the rosin at, does it make more sense to use a lower quality rosin as I am going to be filtering it regardless?

Why are you using rosin at all?

Out here in Oklahoma I know a few processors looking to launch rosin carts. For the moment anything rosin is selling here at a premium.


this guy is after my own heart! rosin/distillate carts sound incredible. i wish hash rosin would be in just about every product. Hash rosin cookies, hash rosin spaghetti sauce, hash rosin beef aging(@Cheebachiefextracts), and just about every product… hash rosin is the answer

To answer the OP question if its the bomb ass hash rosin… why would it have fats in it?? isnt hash rosin the cleanest type of concentrate one can get??

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I’m assuming this is sarcasm lol. But if it really is dank hash rosin, with little contaminant, would it even be worth it to decarb it? say you’re adding 20% to the cartridge wouldn’t adding it in while its mixing with terps and then the additional heat of actually vaporizing in the cartridge decarb and activate it enough?

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rosin isnt meant for cartridges. while can be little contaminants, i havent seen too much clean that work in any cartridge which means is just has too many contaminants despite little assumed

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Today is a rough Monday. I needed the humor of this rosin disty cart thread to give me a laugh and feel better about myself.

Thank you OP for your service.


You think even at 10-20% rosin 70-80% disty it will just be an awful experience?

not for the beginning but the end will be… i think at 10-20% your not gonna get the rosin flavor out of the cart…the rosin flavor is gonna be so faint. Your gonna need like 40-50% then you get failure…


Unless it is some absurdly saucy and terpy rosin you are gonna need more than 20% in the mix to make it taste good. In order to get it mixed in and properly homogenized you will also take out a lot of the fresh terpenes and flavonoids captured in the rosin.


Basically what @Killa12345 said, anything that has enough rosin in it to taste it won’t work well in a cart, anything that works well in a cart won’t taste like true rosin.


So HTE with disty is still the top dog


it really is… it sucks cause it really so hard to come by and purchase especially across state lines


So what do I need from quality stainless parts to get my own HTE so I don’t go poor sourcing it lol

What about a 50-50 blend using rosin decarbed and filtered with a syringe? ive seen very very clear fresh press used for carts on instagram and i assumed only way they got there was with a syringe(??) wondering if there’s a way to do that besides a syringe filter or if thats realistically the best route.

I think I have a HQ trim plug. Brothers working at a spot pressing bubble into rosin. Watermelon rings and Papaya they making looks yummy

From what the experts been saying it won’t work well at a ratio high enough to get flavor. Maybe you could try spiking the rosin with hemp terps?

I would recommend getting some HTE man. Best cart I ever hit.

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Just working with whats available man i didnt add this previously I don’t believe but they are for my own usage and im using the cart.farm glass cartridges. just looking for the most practical way to mix the two very unfortunately not many other options lol

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Rosin carts are a lost cause.
Anyone who wants an organic solvent free processed item shouldn’t want it in a cheap vaporizer.

Education is so crucial. Not hype.