Mining diamonds with co2

Anyone ever tried it?

Seems like with a quick temperature shift you can take your supercritical co2 to subcritical, then with a slow offgas you might be able to do some mining quite quickly? Anyone ever tried?

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Sounds like a bomb waiting to happen if you use standard closed loop equipment.

I’m sure you can rig this up with the right equipment though


Nah man, canning jars will work…




@Apothecary36 What is that from?

It’s kinda difficult with most traditional machines without the use of a co-solvent. It can definitely be done though.

Granny was makin dabs. Lol IDK I just google co2 explosion


But there was fire…how do you set CO2 on fire?

PS: I can confirm that @tweedledew has appropriate pressure vessels :face_with_monocle:


Seeing the ol budwieser sign on the wall and cases of pisswater stacked on the floor i would assume they were makimg beer

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Boom plus electical from the house makes flames

Heavy lids, big bolts :stuck_out_tongue: probably just a regular Miner beyond that though, just make sure the steel is the right gauge.

Might be easier to do in a long tube instead of short and fat.

Jacketed would probably be better as well so the temperature can be finely controlled


@ApisLabs might have those clamps

It can be done for pretty pure powdery THCA extracts but have never seen large diamond grown.

For CO2 it would require material to be kept under high pressure for a long time while slowly dropping pressure to control phase change of the CO2 from liquid to gas to initiate crystal growth. The pressure involved for a short time is manageable, but the time needed for diamond growth would likely partially Decarb the extract even if kept very cold.

Decarb occurs due to the -COOH interacting with the adjacent -OH and other -OH from nearby molecules. Due to the single bond connecting the carbonyl group, its constantly rotating around that bond. The hydroxyl is also rotating around its bond. Decarb only occurs when both groups are in the exact shape needed for the electron pushing to knock off the COOH. With the spinning involved, Decarb is constantly happening but at a relatively slow rate under normal conditions.(Note: crystalline THCA being a rigid lattice, effectively stops bond rotation, making it highly resistant to Decarb., This is why THCA crystals are much more stable then what’s been reported for decades. When in a solution or melted, the bonds are rotating. When it’s a solid, they aren’t)

As we know, added Heat energy speeds up molecules. With decarb occurring only with a specific shape, Heat rotates the bonds quicker, increasing the rate that shape(conformation) is formed. Acids present increase Decarb rate by forcing the conformation with itself or forming a “bridge” for the electrons to push off the carbonyl.

Pressure should force the conformation by pushing molecules much closer together then at atmosphere or the relative low pressure seen during bho diamond growth.

End rant.



So I’m gonna assume the Mason jar lid that it’s sitting on isn’t from your co2 diamonds? Unless you have the world’s strongest jar? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I’ve seen your work with the instant subcritical co2 thc-a powdering? Are the diamonds on the right with co2 as well?

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this is what i expected from jon.

Terpy diamonds on the right and cleaned up THC-A on the left. Both from the same 800psi run but from different parts of the collector.


So did you grow the big crystals on the right under co2? Feel free to say when I’ve asked too many questions since I think you’re probably the only one on this site rocking this Tek lol.


Co2 expanded ethanol?

This was a Co2 only run of 800 grams of trim before we ran a CXE cycle to fully extract the biomass.