Minimum rpm

What’s the minimum rpm range a guy can get away with on a fuge? 1000? 900?

That all depends on the rotor radius and the intention. We calculate force as “relitive centrifugal force (rcf)” It helps compaire apples to apples if you get my drift.
here is a handy calculator.

278 rcf

Intention is to recover ethanol

Offer a comparison on available G.

If you haven’t read them recently, and you’re looking at fuges, I recommend going over them again.

Current scuttlebutt says you need to turn gravity up by about 1000 fold to get most of your solvent back in a reasonable amount of time.

~98% vs 80% without a fuge or press.

You could distil it off. But that presumably abandons cadabinoids, and there are stoners in Kansas going without…

Edit: and of course you should consider the Ace Spinner if you’re looking for the right tool for the job.