Methods for rosin carts

What’s up everyone. First post, wanted to pick some brains on rosin carts. Has anyone found a major difference between winterizing with ethanol vs a straight decarb in oven with terps added to final product? Was going to try both methods but figured I may be able to save some time and rosin asking this awesome community. Much love!

Welcome! Tons of info on rosin carts on here — your best bet is to do a few searches. This will save you some time and help you find the good stuff. Here are a few examples of posts for your topic:


Hey there,

We actually made a complete guide to making rosin carts on the blog section of our website! We can’t post the link on here, but you can just google search “Gutenberg’s Dank Pressing Co.” and our website will pop up. From there, our “How to Make Rosin Carts” article is on our blog. Please let us know if you have any questions!

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Actually, we’re able to post the link now: How to Make Rosin Cartridges | Gutenberg's Dank Pressing Co

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So all the CO2 from decarb goes where?

Seems like you are relying on that jar to leak as your only safety here.

Have you done the math on how much CO2 is produced?