Method to Lock Down Loose Crystals


I have recently been successful at making large batches of sugar sauce in pyrex. Sometimes the crystals are faceted and locked onto the glass, sometimes they all just float around. When they float freely its extremely difficult to decant the terps efficiently.

I was wondering if anyone had tips or tricks to lock those loose crystals down.


I hear there’s people doing research with cymatics. Perhaps worth investigating.


Are you applying pressure to the headspace to force the crystals to fall to the bottom of the solution?


extremely fascinating! but at the moment I doubt I will be able to try it out.


the opposite actually. My crystallization occurs under vacuum.

I have used pressure in the past and it has pushed the crystals to the bottom of the container but it did not lock them down there.


I just had that happen when I was vacuuming my terps this week. I was completely thrown off


pour through a stainless screen, like a ss tea bag or ball


I’m currently using a stainless steel sink drain to try and filter the crystals out. The holes in the mesh are slightly too large for some batches. A screen made for tea may have smaller holes though.


If this is a recurring problem you might consider assembling a 1.5" diameter triclamp pipe with an inline sight glass at one end.

You could fill the tube with your current sauce/crystals, apply low pressure and then wait for the crystals to fall to the bottom.

The sight glass obviously let’s you see the crystals. The smaller diameter and the longer length will make it easier to collect your sauce fraction if you modified a Mason jar lid like whats shown in the picture below. A water aspirator with a stainless 1/8" tube attached by a hose would be ideal to suck the sauce fraction out of the pipe and the modified mason jar lid would be ideal to return the sauce fraction back to a mason jar.


Stop using pan and go for jars… It’ll definitely stick it to sides and make terps fractioned up better…if u must have it separate…