Membrane oil final pics

Let’s see some pics of final product from Membrane color removal capabilities!

Here are some refined membrane oil pics. Nonpolar solvent at my clients lab.


Where can I find out more about your system?


I’m currently under an exclusivity contract with a rec lab in Cali. The agreement doesn’t have much time left. They gave me a place to do R&D/ supplied product and a c1d1. We have processed over 250k grams on a single element with over 4,000 hours of operating experience. Skids will be available shortly.

If anyone has any questions, don’t be shy and shoot me a DM.


Some THCa diamonds we harvested today. These have not been rinsed yet. Which is why they have a slight color to them.


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Where y’all at? Who else is making skids that I didn’t tag?

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What’s ur solvent for growing those stones pentane or the tainted butane going around?


I’m waiting on test results from kca before I post


I don’t even have a rotavap at my shop so i am a bit slow on getting pictures of dried oil out. But here is a picture of warm heptane extract treated with a color remediation membrane, unfiltered and then filtered. This was taken at a partner facility. I have a lot more images showing dewax, if you’d like to see those. Potency difference was about 15% higher TAC on the filtered version.


What do test results have to do with the color of the oil?


Looking good! Can’t wait to see more in volume.

Because color doesn’t mean shit when it comes to potency, have any tests on the membrane crude you made or did you make that crude just to look at and run no analytics on


Here’s some warm ethanol crude I cleaned up with a membrane that was extracted outside in 100f weather, have anything to compare it too or are you going off color alone? :woozy_face::wink::rofl:

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This post was asking to see final pics of the product. It was not asking for potency.

Also, color does correlate with potency. Any impurities in the product lower its overall potency.

Did you know it’s ok to have a conversation with someone without getting angry? It seems like anyone that has a different view than You; you get defensive and aggressive. No one is out to get you.


Because i was tagged in here so why wouldnt I? So you can tell the potency of something based off its color? Becauss I can show you test results on dark disty that tested above 99% and it was red.

Color doesn’t mean shit when it comes to potency but keep playing like it does

You can oxidize disty almost red and it’ll still test higher and look darker then the Hydrocarbon extract you posted above

So I’ll ask again, got any analytics because color isn’t a good indicator of potency


:joy: Man, this is comedy…


I’m assuming you were tagged because you own a membrane company. You and two other people were tagged. Magister posted pics of his final product clean-up with membranes. He didn’t post or mention anything about potency.

You’re talking about distillate and oxidation. Something that happens to pure distillates. I’m talking about a virgin plant extract. That has plant pigments (impurities) that will lower the overall potency.

I have loads of tests from products with COAs in the Cali rec market. I’ll upload them tomorrow. What final form do you want to see these tests in? Color remediated virgin extract, THCa diamonds, THCa powder, or single pass distillate?

I don’t think anyone in this post is trying to make anyone angry or frustrated. Let’s be civil.


How did you get the heptane to pull that much chlorophyll ? I wash with heptane regularly and 16hr soaks dont get me that much green, are you using a cosolvent ? EA perhaps ?


And just like every membrane thread, KOTK is here to explain how all the other membrane manufacturers are jerks

Stop pushing other people to your competitors. You’re a viciously intelligent man who has developed a product few others on the market have, and you’ll sell more and grow more as a business by talking softer and pushing results over insults.

Just… stop being a cunt, and make some friends. You’re obviously pissed Mag and others get mentioned in the sentence as you. Just focus on results, and dissociate yourself from whatever angry childish attachment you’ve got. I need to take that same advice, but you obviously have gone further down that bitter road.

Spoiler, the bitterness only taints you, it doesn’t sell machines.


Oh really?

I guess you really can’t read then

Why would I post pics of final color when it has nothing to do with potency. Fats and lipids can be bleached, so why would I care about color when potency is what matters

How about we actually compare tangible data instead of color, supposedly above the crude was raised 15% TAC why has no one else posted analytics?

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You should probably read above a little, I was tagged in here and am being attacked because I want to post analytics which is funny because analytics are better then comparing the color of something. Showing analytics is a step above but the haters want to act like color actually means something and it doesn’t

I can show you disty I have it my hands rn that tests higher then some of Nugs Live resin or sorbet (which was made by @Daddy_distillates as he works at nug) but is way darker so comparing color doesn’t mean shit

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