MCT VS XCT Oil for Dilution

I was speaking with a client today who told me that they prefer to use XCT oil vs MCT oil to dilute their carts. I’ve never heard of anyone doing this. Does anyone have any experience or reasoning as to why XCT might perform better than MCT?

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The customer probably wants rave pens


Nitrous back flushed?

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vaping MCT is really really bad for your lungs.


@Dred_pirate loves this subject.


Hahaha. Yea, I’m not a huge fan of mct in carts.


Sounds like it’s the same thing. Are they supposed to be keto carts?

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I would be interested in seeing some evidence that MCT oil PG or vg is bad for your health when vaped or better yet worse than terpenes. I have yet to see actual studies or evidence to support these claims other than a holistic healers claims with ties to the industry and bro-science. There may be actual studies and science supporting these claims and im fully open to checking it out.


Xct is Mct. Sometimes google can be your best resource.

This would be like saying you prefer Kleenex over facial tissues. Same same… but different… but still same.


Caprillic Acid is as pure as your mct can get. It doesn’t have a rave name but it wont make your people feel like they are dying like the c8-12 mixes people use.


Took the words out of my mouth, I feel like the terpenes people are adding to their disty is way more suspect than the MCT. The amount of terp plays a factor too I’ve read.


Can you clarify this. I hadn’t heard of any issues with MCT. Do you mean unwell due to toxicity or getting waaay too high?

Theres no track record of actual evidence to support that healthy lungs cannot handle, although ill agree and say that no fillers should be used, and properly made material shouldnt need it.

With that said, personally the only filler that i will consume in a cart if handed to me is MCT, and XCT is Caprillic Acid and Capric acid, which yes means its essentially super cleaned MCT oil.

Ill go out on a limb and say that XCT oil is better than MCT oil, simply because XCT is an actual particular product that you can be more certain of its constituents. Theres so many companies that sell MCT it can be more of a guess.

I totally get the “Anti-MCT, Anti-Filler” sentiment, I agree in the end, but that really doesnt help anybody, fillers will still be used, might as well use one that has the least noticed side effects.

IME I can handle MCT over any other diluent, including any formulated terpene blend. PG, PEG, and Triethyl Citrate all instantly irritate my lungs, True Terpenes and Ebyna fry me. Im asthmatic so i dont try to hang. I only will make carts for myself with HT fluid from Sauce runs or my own cannabis derived terpenes and Manicured Distillate.


C10 and C12 are larger chains. I dont know why mixed mct is harsher than pure c8. What I know is out of the 6 diluents availible at that time, caprillic acid was the least likely to make my testing team have:

Throat irritation
Terrible after taste
Plastic taste
Shortness of breath

My test was preformed on about 50 phone salesmen overthe course of two weeks. I used all diluents 50/50 with no terps so I could see what was causing the “feeling like death” feeling.


@qma have you tried c6 Hexanoic acid in your trials?

I would like to second that caprylic is the smoothest cut I’ve tried. Tried several commercially available terpene diluents, triethyl citrate, mct, etc. But what I find is that stuff cut with caprylic is actually smoother than uncut material, even on the dab rig, at around 10%. With the limited safety information regarding the different diluents, I think the bioassay is about as accurate as we can get at this time.

Nope! I stopped as soon as I found something that worked, I got to formulating.

This was before the big guys existed. If you wanted tasty terps you had to blend in enhancers and flavor concentrates your self.

Its a whole rabbit hole, but there are some really cool techniques, like deactivating certain taste buds. You can really cheese vape blends into some amazing flavors. It is a shame most middle men dont want “mint oreos” or “blueberry pie with vanilla ice cream” cause their custies sure do


This came at a great time. I’m helping develop products at a new job and got them to look at unscented terps over PG for carts today. It would be great to try some C8 side by side and see. I got some samples today of blended terps but they all smell like fruity drain cleaner.

c8 stretches sauce/shatter too.

Pg will separate. Peg400 will not. But peg is less safe.

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