MCT oil safe?

Love all the super useful information here and have been lurking all over.

I was about to make some carts with Uber Thick I bought but obviously that’s not an option now with all the new info. I’m looking into c8 MCT oil as an alternative but its hard to find a solid source of whether or not its recommended.

Currently I’m looking at doing 80% distillate 10% terps and 10% Cut. I’m trying to keep the carts affordable but also safe and decently strong. I’ve seen so many people buying shitty dank vapes that subjectively aren’t even close to 50% THC. The 10% cut puts me in a place to be able to compete with that poison.

Does the community here have a general consensus on if C8 MCT oil is safe and does anyone use it?


stop and search

@future i told u this would happen when the media got a hold of us. Today will be a day of 10,000 lcd cart cutter threads, watch :joy::rofl::sob:


At least we dont have 10 led vs hps battles daily on here. Now it’s just what cut bs what cut.


at least with that, LED or HPS will grow dank buds. Cuts don’t provide anything worthwhile to any conversation with cannabis


Haha I mean I full expected a reply telling me to use search and that’s a totally reasonable request. I’ve been digging through posts that mention MCT and have a general idea of what I want to do but was hoping for a few more recent opinions after everything in the news and information coming out.

after everything in the news, the best opinion is just don’t cut with anything. Cannabis has been around for a very long time and we’re only now running into health issues due to people cutting it with who knows what. Stick to what comes from the plant and you will be golden.

Maybe I’m just old school, but 20 years ago if you were found out to be cutting cannabis products it would be a different situation than what we are seeing currently…


They have been dusting weed with coke back in the day.

Also spraying thc oil on the buds to test higher.


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I’ve decided to increase the terps a little bit more 12% or so and eat the rest of the cost and gain the benefit of being able to claim no cut.

Id rather hear about LED vs HPS too lol cutting is all business and profit margins no fun. Growing is closer to an art


from the toxicology i’ve seen, MCT is not safe to vape.

1.86 ppm is not very much. Given rats are a different biological model than humans. It stands to reason though that if it’s detrimental to their health in such minute exposures, what are the massive vape clouds doing to lungs??


Um, cultivation is most certainly an art. Cutting isn’t business talk, it’s scumbag talk. Don’t do it.


yeah but not at these levels. It’s not very hard to find a cart out there that’s cut. It was hard to find tampered flower in my experience as I’ve never run into it in all my years of smoking.

That said, I’d take coke dusted flower over a cut cart any day :rofl:


Massive clouds are from pg/vg not mct oil


Plant derived terpenes at 5% by volume is enough to make rock hard shatter work in almost all modern 2mm carts.

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agreed, but still a damn waste of coke and bud if you ask me.


10% terps is perfect.

D8 thc or CBD can be used to cut costs but not by much. It keeps the pen pretty

Winterized crude can be put directly in a pen. You can get some really nice crude for 3/g. Your carts will be darker and a lil loose but that is an option.

You can also cut distillate with winterized crude to make a yellowish cart.

These are methods of cost cutting


I’d have to agree that I wouldn’t want to cut with much other than cannabinoids at this point, but wouldn’t accept this whole just cut with distillate thing I keep hearing. Right now there’s nothing showing the effects of vaping mother liquor, and less about what is actually in it beyond cannabinoids. Now we’re back to let’s vape mystery liquid smh

I think the most amusing thing about this whole what is and isn’t safe thing is that really none of it is safe. You shouldn’t be breathing anything but air, hence why we’re all so concerned with air quality these days. Of course, it’s important to remember breathing some things will kill you considerably slower than others, but that doesn’t make them safe.

I’d like to see a research paper around the effects on lung tissue and the body in general caused by inhaling cannabis flower smoke and vapor as well as inhalation of cannabis concentrates in different levels of post processing since each level is available to consumers.

Ultimately the answer is to simply stop inhaling your medicine. We have the technology to change the way people deliver their medicine. In fact a few products already exist, and more are just around the corner.

Be ready for the next wave of cannabis products, because the trends are gonna be a changing.


agreed these have all worked for me. im now looking at getting some cleaned up 20%d9 30%cbd Mother liquor to use as a cut and to add more active cannabinoids for a better entourage effect all around to a separate line of vapes im working on.

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This sentence contradicts itself tho

what? they literally have places JUST for testing cannabis, and the pouroffs don’t mess with the lab equipment


What do you think about MCT?

Heres a study done on it.

Doesnt talk about inhalation though.

Theres more, if anyone wants to read it