Mct is making my vapes cloudy. Any help on what to do?

I just started to use MCT to make carts. They were a beautiful yellow orange at first, then ?after a few days, they started to develop cloudy patches. Any suggestions on how to avoid this in the future? Perhaps more mixing time? more filters? heat the isolate and mix the MCT more?

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First off. MCT is trash. Try a viscosity diluent. Multiple brands make one that is not MCT .
2nd is your oil winterized?


Thanks for the quick response. I just got onto MCT aftter using PG. I think it is a nicer mouth feel and smoke cloud. It is winterized. I was looking to get flavorless terps to use as a diluent but kind of a pain getting it where i live in EU.

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True Terpenes ship to EU, my friend use it in France. You are talking about shatter cartridges right?

oui:) but i do not really want to have anything shipped to me from outside the EU…as it goes under more scrutiny. I would like to know if there is anything I can do to prevent or stop the clouding that happens with MCT…

You speak french? Well look like you got waxe’s and lipids in your extract (e-juice), it could mean that it was not winterized or " not enough". True Terpenes Viscosity is as legal as MCT oil, no one will “check more”. Here are you in the EU?

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yes, I am in the EU.
and yes, probably it is because it wasn’t fully winterized… I wouldn’t think MCT would cause any separation… but not sure

Yes it does, even if you mix it with an hotplate stirrer, I was using that a couple years ago when I start making carts, if your shatter is not winterized (like ti should) you will have separation like that. It is pretty easy to winterized shatter, but the best for you is an odorless terpenes blend that will dissolve 100% of your shatter

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@TheFrenchie Thank you, yes, I will probably go that direction next…

And like I said, product like Viscosity from True Terpenes are as legal as MCT Oil, you will have no problem importing it, if they ask you, just tell them you are making your own vape juice ! :wink:

@TheFrenchie thanks, already looking into it…

Hi blingbling!

If you’d like, we’ll send you a free 15 mL sample of our new Terpene Dilulent to see if you like it more than MCT blends (we do!) :slight_smile: We ship to the EU all the time.


@FloraplexTerpenes wow, thank you for the kind offer. Let me check on that and get back to you tomorrow. Cheers!


If you find it ends up being material wasn’t fully winterized and its being polluted by remaining lipids I would highly suggest testing your cartridges your using. Sometimes there are harmful metals in the cartridges and you want to make sure your using reputable brand. I’ve ordered Chinese clones and the metal count actually turned my oil black in a matter of 2 weeks. Waste of cartirdge/ Oil / time and money! Switched over to @labeledOil on Instagram haven’t had the issue since.


You’re welcome! We are here to hook up and help out Future members :slight_smile:

Send me a DM once you figure out what you want to do. And I’ll throw in a sample pack of (5) 5 mL strain blends too! :man_dancing:


Thanks for the kind offer to send a sample of 15ml diluent and strain blends.
I looked at your website after your post and you have some great products.
Let me know what info you need for me to send this, and how i can DM you, as this site is not letting me…

Thanks again

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You can use your Contact Us page to send us an email. Just mention that you were communicating with Jeff on Future4200 and he said we would send you a 15 mL diluent and sample pack. :grinning:



That’s pretty rad of you guys. Makes me want to give you guys a whirl.


@FloraplexTerpenes i’ll do that later today. thanks again. excited to try your products!