Mct is making my vapes cloudy. Any help on what to do?


@FloraplexTerpenes, sent email! Thanks again!

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@square_root_pharms THC



Hello Blingbling,

Where are you located? We have resellers in England and the Netherlands that have the products you need. We understand how challenging it is with shipping/customs to get terps in the EU.

*Please note that anything with waxes will be challenging to dilute without cloudiness or separation, due to the nature of the waxes, but do some tests and see if there is a recipe that works for the product you’re using.

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your oil is not fully dewaxed



Hi @TrueTerpenes thanks for the reply.
I did contact a reseller of your terps, in the UK about terms, and for some reason, they do not take credit card payments or paypall, I wasn’t comfortable with a bank transfer…so i didn’t make a purchase.



I see @blingbling. I definitely understand the concern around that kind of transfer. Unfortunately it’s really hard to keep payment processing with products that have cannabis names (even if they aren’t from cannabis) so many vendors of cannabis related products get their banking and payment processing shut down. This is probably why bank transfer is the route they had to choose. I will message you to confirm the vendor so that we can ease your mind for any future transactions with them. There might also be an additional vendor that can take care of you. Thanks for the info!



Hi @blingbling!

The free 15 mL Terpene Diluent sample and (5) 5 mL terpene strain blend sample pack are getting sent to you today :man_dancing: I’ll DM you the tracking number in a little bit.

We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, checks, money orders, and bank transfers!

Please let us know what you think!




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How are you mixing the fluid?



@blingbling We also accept credit cards, checks, money orders and bank transfers, but we understand that you’re trying to get terpenes more local to your area because of shipping costs /customs fees etc, correct?

I will follow up with some vendors that are local to you so you can have options that are closer to home.

Might we also suggest investing in a small shear mixer/homogenizer to help with the homogenization of your products. Waxes are tricky, so always try to get a fully winterized product, but using a shear mixer might help in getting your product mixed more thoroughly.



I wouldn’t use mct oil to cut anything smoked. You are running a risk of some serious dangers in the future, wet lung, mold. You can ingest it, but there have been studies showing cutting agents like mct, pg, and coconut oil while vaped are terribly unsafe. Just food for thought



BS!! On the mct comment

Those myths have been disputed time and time again



Do you have any studies to verify this claim? Besides the homeopath shilled William Troutt study reverberated all over the cannabis and vaping boards?

Across the Cannabis World, PEG based vape solutions are now considered to be poisonous cancer-juice. Doing some basic research all of this seems to stem from a single study popularized by ProjectCBD. Here is a link to the study everyone is quoting:

Carbonyl Compounds Produced by Vaporizing Cannabis Oil Thinning Agents

I have several problems with this study.

  1. It was published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. Not exactly the New England Journal of Medicine. I’m tempted to call this a third rate scientific journal, but that may be too generous. The watchdog group “Quackwatch” includes them in their list of bullshit “scientific” journals. They were criticized a few years back for a paper that concluded that just maybe homeopathy works (it doesn’t). As Quackwatch states, this journal is “fundamentally flawed”.

  2. The main author of the study, William Troutt, isn’t a scientist. He’s a Naturopathic “Physician”. He has published only one other paper that was basically a survey of medical marijuana users. “Naturopathy” isn’t science. This is like an acupuncturist publishing a scientific paper. Who would take that seriously?

  3. This study hasn’t been peer reviewed, to the best of my knowledge. Science is about the repeatability of results. Not one “Naturopath’s” findings. Yet it seems the entire cannabis space considers the findings of one guy to be “settled science”.

  4. I take issue with their methodology. They claim PEG converted to formaldehyde at an alarming rate when they bumped up an old Ego style ecig up to 4.8 volts. I am a nicotine vaper who used to use those Ego style carts. No one was hitting those at the maximum voltage on an Ego style battery because… surprise surprise… it burns.

They used e-cigs in a way no real world user does. According to the study, after 446 degrees Fahrenheit, PEG would start degrading into formaldehyde. Modern Temp Control vapes could easily prevent this from happening. Even setting a Temp Control mod past 450 doesn’t mean the actual aqueous solution is being heated to 450. The mod is reading the temp of the coil itself.

Additionally, newer e-cig atomizers have more juice inlet holes than the carts apparently used in the study. This further prevents any burning or runaway temps.

Now… if you are they type of person who wants to avoid “chemicals”… good on you. If you hate the taste of PEG vape solutions, that’s ok. My issue is that the cannabis vape industry has moved from PEG based solutions to Distillate mixed with non-cannabis derived terps, believing this to be a “healthier” option.

The science does NOT support this being a healthier option at this point. And the terps used in every pre-filled distillate cartridge I’ve tried burn my throat at least as much as PEG.

Also, there is no study showing these potent solvents/terpenes are safe for inhalation. On the other hand there was a two week study done on the inhalation of PEG-3350 on rats. Note, that is a much “heavier” version of PEG than the PEG 400 used in vape solutions, so one would expect it to be even more toxic. After exposing rats to a huge amount of heavy PEG for 14 days… the rats were fine. Here’s the study:

Two-week aerosol inhalation study on polyethylene glycol (PEG) 3350 in F-344 rats.

Now does this mean PEG is perfectly safe? No. But I’d like to see what happens if you expose rats to a similarly high inhaled dose of terpenes, many of which are potent solvents, for 14 days. My guess is all the rats would fucking die.

If you don’t like diluting concentrates at all, and prefer to stay as “natural” as possible, by all means avoid PEG solutions. But claiming PEG is deadly based on one dubious study seems odd to me.

There was a similar study done on “dabbing” straight concentrate.

Toxicant Formation in Dabbing: The Terpene Story

It concluded that dabbing at temperatures higher than 750 degrees Fahrenheit exposed users to benzene, a molecule with a more established link to cancer than formaldehyde.

I understand that most e-nail users don’t use temperatures above 750. But most e-cig vapers don’t use their device the way “Dr.” Troutt’s study observed either. If we treated the Dabbing study the way we did the PEG study, everyone would be throwing away their e-nails.

I’m happy to have someone show me where I’m wrong here. Are there other studies from reputable scientific journals that show PEG is “deadly”?

I don’t discount that many people dislike using PEG for other reasons (taste, potency, etc). I just find it odd that we moved from PEG to vaping unstudied “plant derived” terpenes based on one dubious study.

If you avoid PEG because you try to avoid “chemicals”, I get that. But you are likely inhaling more carcinogens by taking a deep breath in a densely populated area. And that’s just from the brake dust alone.



What is the purpose, why would you want to cut with an additive that’s not needed. Save on money? I’m not being rude, just trying to understand the purpose. There may not be enough studies to say its bad for you or good, so there is no conclusive data either way. Just wondering reasons why someone might use it.



Its used to dilute disty to flow better in carts. I use mct, terps, and disty in my carts. I make hundreds a month, for the past 3 yrs.



Buy a higher quality MCT oil, the cloudiness is almost certainly coming from low grade MCT.



Hi Floraplex,

I’ve been trying to make custom blends (pg, vg, mct etc) for my juul pods with little success. No matter how much I liquify my winterized oil it continues to burn the coil. Any suggestions? I live in Toronto, Canada.