Mayo Clinic recommends CO2

The Mayo Clinic recommends C02:

Finding a Quality Product
“If patients and/or physicians choose to experiment with CBD and hemp oils, it is worthwhile to direct them toward the highest-quality product. This issue becomes all the more important when considering some of the problems noted previously. Because of the unclear regulations in the United States as well as some of the noted problems with online product labeling, it is recommended that patients utilize products imported from Europe, which actually has even more stringent requirements for low THC levels at less than 0.2% dry weight compared with the US requirement of less than 0.3% dry weight as well as a more established regulatory system for hemp. As with other herbal supplements, ensure that the product has been extracted by carbon dioxide with no solvents, is certified by the US Department of Agriculture as organic, and has been tested for pesticides/herbicides, which have been found in some products.”

mayo clinic recommends fatty co2 oil made from ‘thc free’ dust buds from europe.


At the very least you are a dirtbag for making that link. Co2 oil can be cut and put in cheap carts just as easily as bho or any other solvent extraction.

I am not sure if the reference to vape injuries and recent mayo clinic reports was intended. It is implied. Others will make the same assumption unless you clearly state why you posted this.

Yeah, I really don’t understand why they would recommend this beyond the concern of residual solvents. I would also imagine they are only recommending for oral consumption.

Kinda silly, but, whatever.

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“Imported from Europe” and “USDA certified” I didn’t know it worked like that. So they want us to grow it here, send it to Europe for processing, then buy it back? Or is the USDA certifying European farms?

Answered my own question:

Apparently the USDA does certify foreign organics. Seems like going around your ass to get to your elbow. I’d rather keep it all local, wouldn’t you?

suggesting that the Mayo is not as on top of this as they think they are…

seems they are unaware that most CO2 extraction, certainly that performed in eastern europe, involves winterization using ethanol after the primary extraction.

@Roguelab, can you shed any light on this high quality, only seen CO2 oil, of which the Mayo speaks?

or the extraction of CBD from field retted biomass (which may be winding down now with the availability of better genetics)?


What seems that they propose is that usda certified farmers in europe their crops must be extracted by co2 and then to the shelf :joy::joy::joy:
As the situation now is
On the official EU site there are 70 registered strains of wich none by my knowlidge has a higher than 3 %. cbd-a
content and all are below the 0.3% thc-a content
These are the seeds that can legaly be cultivated
But big but there is not much control and several country s are easyier than others having created many farmers cultivating non legal strain crops
Extraction facilities are scarse not many and some that are even governement controlled are sending the custumers off with hot crude
Last years crop when most was EU compliant this ment 25-35% crude with
2-5% thc
this crude upon delivery is a butter consistecy and not fluid at room temp
It is filled with fats (nightmare)
The very rawest of raw producer of shelf products that i know will disolve in ethanol and cook this mixture at wich a cake of fats creates on top scoop s this out and evaporates of the solvent
Not under a high vacuum
And bottles this for sales
Every one i know uses a solvent in their process more than CO2