Cbd % in different parts of the hemp plant.

I think you need to set your isolate selling price closer to 5k, if your planning on selling in bulk. Even singles can easily be found for 6-7k
Do you have a really nice centrifuge? Are u getting all your solvent back?

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Where I am it’s 9-11k for singles 7.5 bulk. Canadian though. And I’m not set up for this just a hypothetical thought to get me through this long weekend lol

But with the right set up I think it could be profitable.

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I extract hemp in europe with 2 % cbd iT a No fun and almost No profit
The hemp crude is riddled with crap so the whole Sha bang from AC to Brine to LLE Gives a 50% crude in the end
That has still to much shit for a first pass
Sugars mainly burning ya glass wear
Working on methohds of cleaning iT all out but No fun


I feel your pain im the same over here in Ireland, but iv no troubles with glassware and to much crap in it, are you doing a full dewax and scrub on the crude?

we bought 4 white knight spinners same as panda but 220volt,. 8 x 220 micron bags we wash at -50c then spin, dewax and filter through silica bed and D.E then roto down and distill the distillate is pretty nice and clean waiting on test results from canna Spain to see where were at %

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youl make a profit ok with the right set up, Just advising you from experience its tough graft for small money better with high grade, as Roguelab said you need a centrifuge, store etch and biomass in deep freezer, buy some 220 bags and 25-50L buckets fill wash filter spin roto your have some decent oil


My main problem is. The extraction unit used iis a co2 unit in polland 3000 kg (government owened)at a time but absolutly No right settings on the rig shit comes out with at least 50% Wax and fats biomass went in way to humid but they let You walk out with hot crude
Thats great +
Working on a sop to get iT all right then iT Will be making sense


Oh were using mainly the flowers but reality with industrial biomass theres a lot of seed stems etc in it we freeze it all prior to wash then we wash at -50 or below using dry ice to stop a lot of the crap leaching out


If you ever want consulting help over there i would love to visit, my family is very irish but I’ve never been. Got my resume posted on here!


We may just take you up on that haha we could use all the help we can get, the scene here is at least 10 years behind the US or Canada. We have hemp farmers but they need funding and the law to permit them to grow proper hemp its getting there, hopefully in next year well see some change. The problem here is supply were still very much operating in shadows when working with mids or highs, industrial biomass is fine 0.2% or under. You guys have farms bigger than our island!

Would a wfe help?

Yes absolutely was only chatting with one of the consultants on here about getting one. you’d need to ask someone more experienced than myself can you isolate low % disty. The distillate were getting out won’t crystallise its not pure enough, im sure you can but weather its viable financially thats the question u need answered

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Yea probably won’t be going that avenue but seeing the wide variety of pricing of hemp per pound on this site makes less than a dollar a pound seem like a dream

Hit me up anytime, would love to chat and learn what’s going on over on your side!

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for sure brother would love to r u on IG as norcal?

@drjawndose or my company @truegoldlabs

Also I’d invest in war least a shortpath to get your purity up, if crystallizing low potency oil was viable people wouldnt be processing into distillate though I’ve never gave it a try myself.

At least*

What would you do with a short path? Keep the mains and keep mixing them together then running them again till desired %

Essentially, the problem with Europe seems to be how low the margins are. But like dw said hopefully some more potenent biomass is available soon.

Dw, are you able to source higher percentage crude oil or is that a no go? Rather than biomass.