Mason jars and dry ice compatible

Hey everybody, quick question. Will mason jars crack or break when placed on dry ice? Im afraid to try. I could experiment, but would rather not waste supplies. Mine are quarts, nearly full of 10:1 etoh,crude. I remember I was saving bacon grease in one in the fridge a few years ago and it cracked and broke all to hell when I took it half full with grease from the fridge and added more hot grease. Alternatively, what do you use instead?

Glass can break from rapid temperature changes which is easier to do with heating than cooling. If you’re just sticking them inside a cooler packed with dry ice you should be fine.


I wouldn’t place a hot jar in DI but a cold one should be ok.


Being concerned is a good thing.

There is a fair body of evidence that one can usually get away with mason jars on dry ice in the Only The Strong sauce tek thread (and it’s friends


like everyone stated before its the instant temp cvhange that fractures the glass, also heating too much in one spot will damage the integrity of the structure, always remember to never used chipped, or cracked glassware


Also, not all mason jars are created equally. I like ball, and Kerr.

Mainstays are garbage. You should only buy them if you need glass shards.


I hear those make a Cheap reusable filtration media :thinking:

…but I suspect stealing playground sand makes more sense than flash cooling off-brand mason jars (gives new meaning to flash chromatography :rofl:)


Man @Beaker will never die here! Steal that playground sand!

Truely missed!


met a shiner who swore by crushed up auto glass in his column as packing material

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get stainless steel milk cans with locking lids.

these seem expensive, but less expensive than cleaning out a kg of crude from a dry ice bunker.

also these can be found much cheaper elsewhere, just wanted to show ya that they exist.


I use to do this all the time to winterize and never had one break. I used alcohol though for even cooling, I’m sure that helped

If youre that worried move them from the fridge to freezer, then to dry ice. Ive been using BALL jars and no problems


Put my ball quarts in the di cooler today. It was nothing to worry about. Not cooling quick at all. I’m going to leave it overnight and hopefully they’ll all be down to -50 in the morning. I transferred them from the refrigerator and 2 hours in the cooler I was reading only -10. I wish dry ice wasn’t so expensive. Is anybody making their own? How much are you paying for CO2 fillups?

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Google dry ice distributor

Cost way to much to make DI