Marketplace for new and used cannabis & CBD equipment - FREE listings!

Cannabis and CBD-focused marketplace to sell and buy new and used equipment.

FREE membership and listings!

CannaMPx -


your sign up with google no workie

I’d have the website homepage display the listings front and center. I have a similar project. Good stuff.

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Thanks for the note and appreciate the input! If you would ever want to connect to see if there are synergies, always open to it.


Steve - I believe we corrected the error in the Google sign up/in error. Thank you very much again for pointing this out and please join us!


Very nice interface and concept! I went in and created a listing :slight_smile: I def like the look and feel of the site, and the markdown editing / automatic YouTube embeds work wonderfully. It looks like a good bit of strung together libraries and tech, kudos!

Not that I have much time these days, but do you have a bug bounty program? :smiling_imp:

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:joy: I have tons of work for anyone wanting to solve programs that no longer have their original programmer. Debug9000 over here.

I’ll be launching an automated platform that pulls all the available dropshipping products on major platforms. I love the listings option and considered that alongside, but managing the woocommerce with 10k plus skus is already my nightmare

CBd comes from cannabis

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Thanks and yes, however I have encountered a bit of confusion and have asked around on this and many have said if you just say cannabis, they don’t think you also mean cbd. I originally only referred to cannabis on the site. would your professional opinion be that most all should know it covers both sides? much appreciate your input

really appreciate the feedback! i do not at the moment but that seems like an interesting thing to offer - crowdsourced bug identification!

Hemp is cannabis marijuana is cannabis it’s all cannabis sativa and anyone who wants to argue about it can go read a book.

Marijuana and hemp are legal distinctions


yep, just trying to be aware and work through some of the market misunderstandings that exist and ensure that all feel welcome on the plafrom, but as i get more feedback, may revert back to just the cannabis term