Man injected shroom tea with horrible consequences

I hope everyone here knows not to intravenously inject psilocybin in any form.

This man did just that and he ended up with multi-organ failure, ended up in the ICU on ventilation units, he is now on a long term full regimen of antifungals.

Please be safe with spores in any shape or form, they’re not child’s play.

Same with concentrates. There was a few articles from the late 80’s about people injecting raw mixtures that weren’t really filtered. Like rso still as an alcohol, not boiled down, injected intravenously. The outcomes were horrific as well and it didn’t get the man high or do anything trippy to him. It just made him sick and landed the people in the hospital in the ICU.

I love you all please for the love of Gaia, don’t inject drugs that weren’t ever meant to be injected and please just don’t inject anything at all… It’s not worth it and there are people out there who care about you.


I didn’t want to spam all the psychedelics threads with that. Thanks for posting it in its own thread.


No problem! :slightly_smiling_face:


I care abut everyone here enough to say if you feel like injecting a substance please reach out to me, your friends, your family or anyone that will listen. There are better alternatives and you are loved!


at least use a .2ug wheel filter and keep shit sterile if you do decide to iv stuff


Psilocin | C12H16N2O - PubChem
Extraction Method for the Isolation and Identification of Psilocin - []
Determination of psilocin and 4-hydroxyindole-3-acetic acid in plasma by HPLC-ECD and pharmacokinetic profiles of oral and intravenous psilocybin in man - PubMed

After intravenous administration, a mean PI maximum plasma concentration of 12.9 +/- 5.6 ng/ml plasma was found 1.9 +/- 1.0 min after injection.

So it can be done! (Obviously, don’t try this at home!!)


Most everything drug wise can be IVed successfully, just gotta know how to do so safely


Bluetooth app controlled iv bracelet/armband with 510 style carts.
Integrate it into social media and hold virtual playlists where you get served digital cocktails together.
‘Blockchain backed medicine dosing’ as a selling point.
This has been on my ‘million dollar idea list’ for a few years now.


Man, if all drugs were legal we could create some interesting things

Livestream 3D immersive drug paired shared experiences…



I would never subscribe to this, but potentially the more people involved the better the dosing standards, tolerance prediction, real time optional user feedback systems. Eventually you are gonna get a 5 star mix for your specific personality and situation. Obviously the potential for subversion and abuse could be handicapped but never removed. Big data shutters


Drugs as a Service :smiley:


they did something similar in the third season of westworld, a neural link with digital drug wafers on the roof of the mouth

I’m honestly not sure why IV administration is so taboo or frowned upon.

I’m not talking about shooting her ion everyday.

There are people who use psychedelic substance intravenously

Edit: obviously don’t inject fungus

I had a friend that was a surgeon for a period of time, he offered to iv me with ketamine.

Never happened, but I strongly considered it because he was an actual doctor, haha.


Marines iv each other after drinking nights lol, but I wouldn’t trust them with k


I can confirm that the Army soldiers are also using this Tek to great end in the avoidance of dehydration after a long night swimming in the bottle!


I heard they call it the “quick fix”

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never ever inject anything u dont know what is withiut proper guidance there to help in case goes horribly wrong

sounds like the guy didnt purify it enough to get all the active ans nothing else

btw i watched someone mixed water and everclear together and stuck 4 hits acid n spoon. they shot in their neck"baller huh" said he was tripping balls instantly…i could never do it in to chicken shit. thought about turning dmt into a fumeric acid.just for this… but im pussy bc if its. better and longer than smoking it i csnt handle it


hate to say it but if he was real surgeon i might did it