Making moonrocks

Yeah, keeping it :100:, I would have to admit (With shame) I have very little to add (method wise) to this conversation.

hell yeah!, a corn end works hella good too!

@Akoyeh great point, you gotta hold it when it get sticky.


If you refine the crude using filter mediums (celite 545/t-5 you can get a really solid oil to use. Throw it in a Pyrex instead of on ftse paper when putting in the vac oven it will turn into like a sauce. Dip your nugs into the oil then roll it in kief. Voila - moonrocks.

no probs, imo moonrocks are so 2003!


Why have I never used those?! Genius! That belongs in tricks of the trade, for sure.


Found em in my moms kitchen back in the day… and stole them to re purpose.
To be fair the alligator clip works great as well.


The lack of a clamped area on the flower when using the corn skewers makes it easier to ensure there are no dry spots and that none of that sticky icky is removed when the clamp is. Sliding off the skewer would only likely assist in setting the kief as well.

And moms are definitely the best! At least mine is. Proud mama’s boy here. Haha

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For some reason my moonrocks are bleeding. I used distillate AND crude on separate batches (2 batches ). And the disty AND the crude are bleeding through the kief !!! How do I not make it bleed thru the kief please help ty !!!

Post pictures

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Any wax with retained terps that either compliment or match the flowers taste profile. The lighter (yellow color range) or more different the color think reds purps the better

@PUFFPUFFPASS87 Use less disty/crude or use more dry sift.


Or less disty AND more dry sift. Getting the disty warmer will help, too.

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What kind of tools are you guys using to coat it ? I’m literally dunking it like some chicken nuggets …

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That’s what I figured. You gotta apply it, then toss or roll them… and like Akoyeh mentioned… hotter oil.

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A flower sifter or a small screen that you can shake over your buds

So apply more pressure when I’m putting kief on? What’s point of it being hot ? The disty is still thin when I’m doing it !

I used to make moonrocks by injecting oil into the center of the nugs. It was cleaner and easier to dose that way and it oozes out and ends up permeating the nug anyway. And you get a cool picture when you break the nug open and reveal the oil core.


Do u have pics ? So if I inject it in the middle it’ll spread out to the outer layer of the nug right ? Do you ever have problems of the oil bleeding thru the kief ? Like the pic above ?

Dunking is over kill. I don’t know where you got pressure, no one said anything about pressure that I saw.

I used to use a syringe to apply heated ribbons of disty, then I’d roll all those buds all over themselves, usually in a bowl sitting in fairly warm vegetable oil(think double boiler) to keep it mobile the whole time. Not sticky enough, add some more. A little goes a long way.