Making high end concentrates with absurd residual solvent regs

The last time I had checked before today, the MA residual solvent upper limit for butane/propane was 15mg/kg. This standard was already absurdly low, however it seems from the documents sent to me from the cannabis control commission that the limit is an insane 1mg/kg, at least as of 2018.

In the MA market I just don’t bother with compressed hydrocarbons, I can find similar albeit more complicated ways to make concentrates. However, I’ve had several requests over the last 3 years for consults in MA on how to retain product quality while passing these testing standards.

I’m interested in what other states limits are, the ranges people tend to hit, and whether the idea of making compressed hydrocarbon extracts in states like this is even worth it. Another possible route, how to lobby to get these limits changed using evidence based, logical arguments that may appeal to lawmakers and citizens.

Alternatively, what are the best concentrates to make using FDA class 2 & 3 solvents such as acetone, pentane, hexane, methanol, ethanol, etc.

What does this translate to in PPM?

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15 per kg is 15ppm
1 per kg ia 1ppm
1kg = 1 million mg


1000g in a kg
1000mg in a g

1k x 1k = an million

=> 1mg/kg == 1ppm

Which is very low. I’ve certainly seen folks claim they can hit that, but don’t recall testing much below 10ppm on winterized material. It’s been a loooong time, so ymmv (I may be incorrect :wink: )

Using propane should make it considerably easier to hit 900ppb or better. Although shatter might take some relearning if the inter webs are to be believed

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Meeting the ppm limit is possible, but the real question is what grade of quality will the product be? A lot of folks thinking here is that if they’re going to lose a good bit of terps and character of the concentrate, they might as well not waste their time and energy making the high end stuff to begin with.

Usually my best advice is to make ice hash and rosin instead :man_shrugging:

Grow diamonds, cold path your terps, reintroduce


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Heeeelll yeaaahhh. I’m gonna use the thing as a mug for a while before I start growing diamonds in it


In WA the propane and butane levels are 5000 ppm. There have been a couple of cases of people dying from inhaling lighter fluid but that’s like huffing 1 g of pure butane which would probably cause suffocation. 1 or 15 ppm is too low. There probably is a level at which you can taste the Butane or propane. But it’s not necessarily unsafe or unfit for consumption.

Im surprised they allow 5000, that’s the same ppm limit as ethanol on FDA guidelines. I think 1000 would be reasonable, all things considered.


Haha yeah 5000 ppm let’s you atmospherically purge and still pass tests, shit’s crazy

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I feel like the regulatory bodies should care more about mystery oils and residues than ppm, within reason of course. God forbid theres 200ppm butane in the extract but not testing for lubricants and whatnot.


How do you propose we test for mystery oils? That could be a regulation we could work to impose.


Someone’s whole business plan would crumble if they were forced to distill.


Others would succeed ;).
Honestly you can get rid of almost all the ppms by turning up the temp for 30 minutes and cooling it down as quick as possible. Or wait, was I not suppose to say how we all pass the ppm tests?



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Is this effective?

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Make a list of knowns, develop sample prep techniques. I’m sure all the folks who worked on breaking down and investigating the true terpenes fiasco could give some input

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