Making Hash from THC Extract, Distillate and Kief

Hi all,

We are experiencing quite a hash shortage here in Europe since the borders have all been closed and nothing is getting through…i have plenty of THC extract which I could use for making hash. I know that in Morocco they use this method where they mix the lowest quality Kief with the crude extract they get out after making hash from the plants. I have been experimenting around a little but haven’t quite got the perfect recipe or method to create the product I want. I know it’s not the real deal but there is literally almost no hash around and if there is the quality is horrible. I have seen CBD hash which looked and smelled amazing and I was thinking of doing the same only with THC. I would really appreciate the support to make a good product.

Thank you in advance.

Huh ?
Your marocan hasj making doesn t make sense
But anyway what type of extract is it you have
Ethanol ,bho, something else?
Was it extracted cold or warm?

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Ethanol, cold.

i hate to be that guy, but is it that necessary to smoke it in a solid hash form? i know how europeans are about smoking with tobacco, but wouldnt it be easier to just smoke the kief/extract as they are? It’s funny to me because of how different the culture is here in that way, but in Quebec they are the same way with hash and tobacco. you could have some beautiful live resin and gorgeous buds, they still want to smoke the hash!

Hmm Ok cold as in below -67C so no clorphyl or warmer ?
You will still need something as biomass to make some sort of hasj
What do you want to use for that ?

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I’m not exactly sure about the extraction since I didn’t make it myself, all I know is that it was extracted with Ethanol and the biomass was freezed before. I was thinking of using dry ice CBD Kief since it’s not easy to get big amounts of THC Kief and then mixing it with the THC extract and maybe some other component (organic) to bind it all together.

Basically what I need to know is how to make a nice and gooey CBD hash which is being sold all around Europe and then add the THC extract.

Crazy. Hash is trash imo

Quality hash is made Just by pressing the trichromes collected on a 70 micron screen then warmed to 40C and pressed at first by hand to fill the mold and then by Jack the harder you press the darker it will get
If you want to keep it blond you can cool before pressing mechanicly
There are no additives supposed to be in hash
Now your oil was extracted with ethanol
Was that ethanol pure or denatured ?
If it was denatured it has most likely
Mek and bitrex in it
Was it vacuum purged
If not it will have about 3% by volume of ethanol left in it q
And then the question is How at what temperature was the ethanol remuved from the oil if it was done under vacuum you have a starting point
If it was yust boiled off at atmospheric pressure you have RSO
Wich will not taste great at all
Spoiling your cbd hash

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Pure ethanol and vacuum purged. There is no smell or taste of Ethanol left. The extract is pretty good. I know that the black cbd hash is also made from cbd crude oil. So it should be possible to do the same with CBD Kief and THC crude oil?

Well Yes
Go easy on the amount of oil you ad
For it to stay a hasj and not a goo
4 to 7% is what i add max
To the biomass

That’s the thing, it doesn’t really start to bind. I want to try achieve something gooey but not to much. Something like black Afghani.

Heat press heat press adding a little biomass every time
There is a Nice documentaire by national geographic from years ago with the making of hasj

tried that too, keeps falling apart because it’s not binding. Maybe because of the >CBD Kief?

How much pressing power are you appliying for soft hash i press with a 5 ton Jack
For comercial hard hasj a 12 ton Jack
My mold size is 6x9. Cm

Parchment paper
Iron (lol, it works)


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I am aware that With THC it’s easy but it’s not the same with CBD.

I’ve grown cannatonic 4 CBD (hp pheno 22:1) I’ve done plenty of extracts with that strain. Imo, it was the same sop as my thc hash


The extract yes but the Hash from the Kief doesn’t get the same cosistency

I never noticed it before. I never had the C4 labbtested either. Just the word from HP. I ditched that strain 2 yrs ago for good. Wasnt feasavkw to grow a plant for extract when isolate is cheeeeaaaap!