Making delta 8 into carts

I’m new to working with delta 8. So far I have pure delta 8 from cannaclear that’s 95.92% about 8 different flavor of botanical terpenes from massterpenes and there pure c8 thinner. The carts I have are the gcell cottonless from and I’m having trouble finding the correct portions to use to make the it be smooth and tastefull with the proper viscosity as I dont wanna add anything extra if it’s not needed. At 5% terpenes alone it’s still to thick to keep the coil from running dry. But at 5% c8 it was almost thin enough but close but also was effecting taste and vapor production. Should I try mabey 8% terpenes and like 3% c8?. I dont want to waste a bunch using trail and error if I can avoid it. If some of you have more exsperiance with thick d8 oil terps and c8 oil I would highly appriciate your input.

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No you don’t

Please don’t cut your sketchy oil with mct


It’s for personal use so I’ll use mct if needed its not as bad as people think. @pdxcanna Theres no need for the hostility/negitivity. According to there coa its 95.92% and damn thick and taste clean to me. Just trying to find suggestions on getting the proper viscoity. If your just going to act like a troll or be rude why bother to even reply. Botanical Terpenes alone don’t get it quite thin enough as it’s so thick and that and c8 and pure disty are what I have to work with.

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no one here is going to let you openly talk about using cuts and not say anything

you should definitely educate yourself some more on delta 8, because those numbers are bull shit most likely, use the magnifying glass at the top right


Just a thought, but you might be able to mix the distillate with some decarbed BHO, and terps to reach the right viscosity. PDX came across a little strong, but he was only doing it with YOUR health in mind. Vaping MCT could lead to lipid pneumonia (yes, even though it’s a rare infection, there is still the chance of it developing).
I’ve been using 7-8% canna terps, and that has been the sweet spot for me. I use the same ratio with the same results from botanical terps also


sorry, forgot I wasn’t on reddit

they get pure contempt over there, my bad OP


I’ve searched quite a bit on here for the past week or so and have seen alot and I mean alot of mixed answers. Mct oil just has a bad wrap because of kne case reported lipid phenomena because it leaked from a feeding tube which has nothing to do with vaping and in the small amounts that are in some vapes most likly wont harm you but i agree it’s best to avoid any cut if possible but why would nobody be willing to help answer my question I know I’m not the only person using delta 8 in carts and having issues with the it being to thick. I’m not trying to come off rude by any means I’m just looking for honest suggestions on what to do. Not people just telling me to more or less fuck off that was just rudeness. I didnt exspect people to instantly be hostile. Like I expected some hippy vibes I’m just tryna be humble and ask for help from one stoner to another. My bad if I’m starting out on the wrong foot.


I’m just kind of out of money to invest into more supply’s so was hoping to make a solution that would work with what I had. I wasnt worried about the health aspects tho just tbh like I used to smoke crack so alil c8 MCT oil cant be that bad lol but if I can get it to work with just terps it would be awesome but at any more then 8% it’s really harsh an still thick

Ive found that 8%-9% terps works with most “delta 8 distillate” just fine in normal carts, the QBD all glass cotton free carts are honestly not a good choice for thicker extracts IMO, it does not wick very well when hitting it back to back, it being cotton free, a few fat hits drys the coil out fast. I have been using the “I-Wolk” (also from with “92% delta 8” and 9% terps with zero issues. I honestly dont think any cutting agent needs to be used especially when you could just up the terp percentage a notch, if your terps are too harsh at 9% maybe invest in HDT or better BDT.


Ok thank you for your input I just started with this vape because the site suggested it for use with delta 8 thick oil but it honestly seemed to suck but I didnt know if it was my oil or my cart or what I was doing wrong it’s why I posted what brands I was using

This might not be visible to you on your front page with a new account, but it’s a good read as to the current state of the market. I feel it’s important you should understand why we say the labs are no good.

Using diluents(MCT, phytol, any non-cannabis ingredient) is pretty frowned on now. Just stick to terps, there’s quite a few people slanging hemp and canna terps


Ah so u were saying there coa are not trust worthy? There were just a local company with good delta 8 prices and good customer service n reviews so I gave um a shot. Was deff better then hempire direct trash. I would prefer to stick to just terps but I’m pretty low income atm. I went with massterpene because of there sale price was pretty cheap and reviews are good. I cant even find real marijuana terpenes for sale I’ve seen some hemp terps for sale like lifter and electra but no idea if there worth the extra cost or not. My main goal was to get cheap smoke. Vape carts have been hard to find cheap same as terps so any suggestions are welcome but I’m just trying to figure my best course of action with the ingredients I have on hand. Hoping to get it to work with those ingredients in those carts or is it gonna even be possible.

Lol yea i honestly dont know why its advertised for thick oil, from what i can tell its a new cart they offer, the wolk has been listed alot longer though and im pretty sure they are alot more time tested, i tried with 10% terps and no bubble comes up even when the coil

is bone dry.


Yeah they sent me one of the ptfe glass carts in my order as well and that one worked a little better but was advertised for thinner oils like sauces so I deff think they need to relabele them cus with the orange scilicone incert u cant go higher then 8% terpenes without worrys about terp interaction with the scilicone content in the cart it’s the only reason I stooped los enough to use some c8 from mass terpenes. It was cheap an figure was worth a shot if it works but idk how much to use if ima use it. So many people are non supportive of the idea so it’s alil harder to find answers

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I was also considering ordering a couple sprk from pckt was hoping to find some super cheap ccells but I cant find any cheap ones unless I order 1000 at once. If I can find carts that handle pure delta 8 then that would fix the issue for sure.

Sadly, the COA’s that “delta 8” companies use are faked usually from what i can tell, they all use the same labs who dont care i guess, they use the same COA for multiple batches, ive been sent straight unlabled jars with no paper trail before even (loudhousehemp). I have bought from cannaclear, denex, loudhousehemp, and 3chi. Even with noticable differences in density and potency between batches from the same companys, they would still send me the same COA… They all do this… Denex even exposes this fact on there website now and advertises the distillate as “85%-95%”

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Sprk carts IMO dont work very well with “delta 8” honestly the wolkentek with viton seals from works amazing with “delta 8” and is the best i have tried, they are pricey i know but “delta 8” is so cheap as is, and if you get the normal wolkentek with viton seals instead of the “iwolk” like i got, you can refill them. Other than that, what worked best for me before was just standard “classic CCELL” style vapes from wholesaleceramicvapes, the “verified” brand. But really the wolkentek has zero issues with coil wicking running “delta 8” with 10% terps, and the quartz coil is real nice, it provides a whole different experience IMO.

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Have you ever used massterpenes brand before? Amy canna terps you could reccomend with out breaking the bank? And are hemp terps even close to as good as cannaterps.

You’ll get a lot of use out of the search bar, I don’t have any firsthand experience with anyone’s terps here personally

@terpenescali has been my best success for cannaderived at 40/ml

I think @KaweahBravo has them at 25 a ml and hes next on my list.

hemp terps have a more overly grassy background in my experience. my favorite ones were from cherry limeade and lifter. but I never use them alone. always mix with a canna terp and might even try to mix with a botanical for front end flavors.

ive also tried @Betroit and those are really great front end. still experimenting with them but my best experience were the terps from @Kinsmanofthesun perfect balance from front end and back end.

Blood Orange will never be forgotten.