Making cool aid with rso

Here in Michigan alot of people are selling 1/2 gallon jugs of cool aid with RSO oil mixed in. What is the method to stop it from separating?

you didn’t drink the coolaid did you?

have you looked at the various threads around here on the subject of water soluble cannabinoids?

as in Search results for 'water soluble' - Future4200

or done a rudimentary google search


Why? Lol

I have done a little research on topic. But I have been reading this site for a few months and have alot of respect for the knowledge here. Just wanted some feedback. Thanks

You’ve done some research, and want some feedback… sounds great.

So tell us what you’ve read, what you’ve tried, and maybe why you want to make it. point us at an article you’ve read and ask us if it makes sense.

you originally posted under Cannabusiness, implying that your intention is to sell infused coolaid. is that correct? or are you making this for personal use?

this was trivial to find (first hit on google search above).

Seems like a legitimate recipe, with the caveat that the individual who posted it believes that eating BHO is “unsafe”, which makes the whole article somewhat suspect imo. Certainly sunflower lecithin has come up a number of times in relevant discussions around here.


Wow. Sorry pimp. No I dont intend to sell anything. As you can see that was only the second post I have made. Did not realize I posted in the business section. When my phone opens up website thats the first page. Did not mean to ruffle any feathers at all. I will just go back to reading posts. Thanks and have a great day

in order to see that it was your second post, I would have to look that up.

in order to know that you were not (being a lazy sob & ) asking for help with your new cannabusiness, I also needed to ask.

do you have what you need?

or do you need these for the butt hurt?

No one is saying to stop posting or asking questions he is simply stating that you will have much better luck around here if you do some initial digging on your own and provide more details and information when you ask a question. People around here stay busy as I am sure you do, so as much info as possible on your posts/questions helps us all stay productive and not waste time.

There are several methods for water miscible cannabis emulsions. Your choices are macro, micro, and nano emulsions. The major differences are how they are made (the use of surfactants and carrier oils) and their stability over time. There is lsoliposomal encapsulation and micelles. For the most part you will need an ultrasonic emulsifier/homogenizer, or some sort of machinery to disperse your cannabis into your solution. There are complex and far less complex methods with each giving very different results. This is an overly simplified explanation.

It is to complex of a topic to address here, I will gladly spend time offline consulting. I currently am producing nanoemulsions with and without surfactants.


Lol! @jizzar don’t take it personal we are all busy and trying to help folks the best we can. It can be annoying to see questions that can be answered with a simple google search.


Its all good fellas. Thanks for all the help. Did not take it personal at all. I am kinda used to the facebook genaral short and sweet posts. One of my best freinds is 46 years old he has been battling small cell lung cancer since june. I made him some RSO oil to cook with and such. Well he doesn’t like it in his food. He has barely used any in 2 weeks. I am just looking for another option to give him. He tried the cool aid and syrup from a local dispo and said is wasnt to bad. Due to the cost I figured I would try to make him some. I did some research online and realized there are a few ways people use. I know the people on this site are very very knowledgeable so I was hoping I could cut down on the time it takes to learn the best method. Thanks for all the help and links

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glad we got there for you.
glad the suppositories were not needed :wink:

although maybe they would help your buddy.
we make them for all our high doesage cancer patients…

had your first post contained the information in your LAST post, we could have gotten there sooner.

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Yes sir understand. We are getting some CBD isolate vape cartridges tomorrow afternoon also. Trying to give him as many options as possible.

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sorry to hear about your buddy. lung cancer would be one of the few times I’d recommend huffing ones meds (to get them exactly where they are needed), but inducing coughing fits (etc) seems like a bad idea. no clue.

the conventional RSO cancer protocol involves getting the patient up to 1000mg of cannabinoids a day as quickly as possible, and holding them there for a couple of months. We start out with a mixture of THC, THCA, and CBD (to avoid too much in the way of psychedelic side effects) orally, and encourage suppositories as a way of achieving higher doses with less “high”.

Edit: I just extract & formulate, it’s somebody else’s job keep track of who gets what & how well it’s working, so I don’t currently have even anecdotal evidence for efficacy of RSO (or any cannabis extract) against cancer. I know we give a LOT of it away. I sure hope it’s helping…


Where can I find info on the suppositories? Thats the problem with dan. He is not a regular mmj user and hates the “high” from RSO

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Try a 1:1 ratio with coconut oil rectally, worked for an Aussie lady with stage 4 lung cancer. She had the same issue with being stoned.

Also, cutting the THC 1:1 with CBD certainly helps calm the psychoactive effects of THC. I would imagine if you were doing the CBD cut you might want to go .5:1 coconut oil to cannabis oil,


Left a link to the “suppository thread” upstream.

Here it is again with the summary

I recall there being a recipe somewhere in there

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use these, you may want to look at adding some waxes to the mix to make a "stiffer " less greasy suppository.


Thank you all very much. Really appreciated

Ad lecitine to his dieet proven. Beter cannabinoid uptake by the body🙏