Making clear Distillate?

Anybody want to share a little info and help me step my game up? I’m trying to get my distillate clear. I filter with carbon and DE. My vacuum is under 100 micron and my head temp is under 165. Why oh Why can’t I get my distillate looking as good as some of the other stuff I see out there> Any help is appreciated.

What cannabinoid is your aim ?
D8 is simpler to achieve than d9
D 8 is good pre distillation cleanup and carbon reflux and then distill
D9 is good pre cleanup preferably with bho crc crude and a magsil or Florisil
Filtration step after distillation


I’m trying to get D9. I have some Mag-Sil. Never used it. So do I take my Distillate mix it with a solvent and heat it then run it through the Buchner using the Mag-Sil as a filtering agent. Then Distill again?

Well yes
My solvent of choice nowadays
Is butane wich complicates thins some what I think I would recomend pentane
But if you have a cls then butane is great I personaly do not distill after I purge for often heating will give a pink hue
Also this ultra clear distillate oxidizes fast so realy keep under vacuum as much as possible
And have real good filter paper 1 micron max
Purging this filtered distillate I do in a
Setup distillation rig where I let. Pentane boil of without vacuum temp at 50 C once depleted I start pulling vac and once boiling stopped pull full vac and leave at temp with spinbar on for 24 hours


Awesome Ill give it a try thanks brother

If you have the chance to use hexane or heptane SAFELY. Dilute your oil, after decarb, in the hydrocarbon of choice and push a media bed of alumina, silica, t41, over T5. Mildly warm the solution going through the media.

Roto off solvent and single pass. I’m intrigued if she’ll push mid 90s or higher. And you’ll probably hit your main body at a lower temp than normal.


Interesting. I’m missing a few of these chemicals. You think I can pull THC under 100 Celsius?

They are hydrocarbons and can be more dangerous than ethanol, if not used properly.

I doubt you’ll pull it that low. But I’m interested in how low it will run. I know what others have pulled it at. With so many other solubles taken out that would otherwise be distilling in the same range. There’s far less surface tension and they are able to vaporize easier. (that’s my guess).

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No as clean as all gets the molecule has it s own boiling point
You should have a better vacuum level over all but boiling of thc 9 is only physically possible in the 1x-11 Mbar
Wich is almost impossible if not impossible with equipment at hand
And a molecule that wan ya to boil of
I think that @BreakingDabs his record
Still stands at 123C and that was quite an achievement


I can distill THC with wiped film at 130 easily enough. It’s slow though. I think beaker’s sublimator method petered out somewhere around the 120s too

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I’ve only pulled THC main fraction under 100 C on a 2” wiped film. Strong vacuum is a must. It will help with color.

Yes maybe a sublimator like @beaker and a difstak can break the record
But I doubt that Any deeper vacuum can get below 100C boiling point for
The vacuum curve go s almost straight up from x-4 mbar so to cross 23 C seems impossible but I might be wrong :grin:
well @phenethylamine1 already set my words upside down :pray::clap:

Before you start venturing into pH adjustments, adsorbers (powders), liquid-liquid extractions etc consider the basics. Ive never done any of the above mentioned and ended up with very light colored, transparent, distillate.

When distilling you want to narrow the bandwidth of compounds that co-boil with your compounds of interest (thc, cbd, etc). This is where your post-extraction processing of crude comes in. Winterizing properly will take you far. Lots of posts about Winterization here.

You will also want to pull out your volatile compounds next. These are your residual solvents , and terpenes. Few ways to this. A vacuum oven is a simple straight forward way to do this.

Next you want to make sure your distillation setup can achieve lowest possible vacuum possible. I would typically get to 0.04 torr. But dont load your oil and drop straight to lowest vaccum — walk the pressure down gradually, collecting fractions along the way. This is part of narrowing the bandwidth removing whatever residual terpenes/solvent etc didnt get removed in your post-processing.

For what it is worth, I am not an SPD guy - I used spinning band distillation from @BR-Instrument but the principles are the same



You rocking those colors on first pass? Or do you do a few?

That was at 1x10^-9 torr… thc would rather be a liquid ans steam off then actually boil. The energies required to boil need to happen faster then the cooling aspect of boiling. Because the act of boiling simply causes steaming instead of boiling. Which actually works to our benefit… steam is better then boiling because it doesnt cause popping, bumping and ejection up a column.


Always first pass. Never did a second pass or used adsorbers.

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Ive distilled thc on a wiper at 100C… but theres no real added benefit when that low. Its slow

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One thing to mention though, what extraction method are you doing because that can be key in a good distillation


The lowest ive seen was 136c and it was also slow

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When Beaker was actively publishing his sublimator experiments on youtube, instagram, and the forum I was following very closely and took inspiration. I decided to run my wiped film like his sublimator and only take the smallest collections at the lowest temperatures possible for each pass with the lowest temperature difference between the column and the internal condenser (hot condenser tek if you will). Each pass yielded less than 1% by weight of the total material run through the still. I saw every part of the oil, it was like a rainbow of colors with a whole spectrum of material properties, crystals, oils, amorphous materials as well. Every smell imaginable in each collection, roses, vulcanized plastic, ammonia, orange fried lobster smelling red liquid that changes color with acids and bases. Eventually I reached the main fraction as I determined with TLC and collected only delta 9 at 99C column, 98C condenser. The oil was much more clearer than normal and had only trace non delta 9 cannabinoids. The high was unbelievable.

Left is the oil / Right is oil from tradition “2 pass SPD/TFD”

I wish beaker was still around tinkering with that sublimator. I draw inspiration from his work, I would have loved to have met the guy.