Magic Mushrooms: how will the market play out? The ‘hemp’ / CBD / Delta-8?

I know a lot of us here are eager to be in the business of making & distributing safe psychedelic products. What are the early opportunities? Will there be a CBD of mushrooms? A ‘Delta-8’?

I worry I am not on the front of this wave but I would like to be.



I’m sure as with any aspect of our industry there will undoubtedly be those who half ass their crystallization process on their work ups & use very dangerous formulations without regard of the consumer. Hopefully with our community we can keep something like that in check internally though. As we have been going about it the same way with delta 8 it looks to be.


My bet for the cbd of shrooms will be fly agaric. It’s already available legally if one looks hard enough, just not legal for human consumption. That and it sucks balls compared to psylocybin shrooms, similar to d8 compared to real weed.


I’m going to read about this. Thanks for the tip!

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The Fly Agaric is interesting in its own way, but totally different, and toxic to fatal if misused. Not exactly what we want every Chad pushing to young psychonauts looking for an answer.

Amanita muscaria is the proper name if you must feed the knowledge monkey.


4 sub tryptamines are the delta 8 of psychedelics imo


I’m seeing a huge potential. Hit me up if you need help, consulting available.


I’m guessing there’s no loophole here? Absolutely illegal? These appear to be real mushrooms for sale, with shipping to the US, and they accept credit cards…

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You know what they say about sounding too good to be true right? Even if it isn’t a ripoff site or a law enforcement honey pot, the prices are pretty steep. Can’t be legal, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a legit source, if that’s what your after. I wouldn’t risk it myself.

You nailed it. Rabbit hole time.

Fortunately, I don’t need a website. I’m just curious because I know how difficult it is to get payment processing for hemp flower and delta-8. I’m curious how they’re getting away with charging credit cards for mushrooms.

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sonication for the most efficient. extraction followed by either A/B or LLE then chroma depending on if you’re going the API route. There’s also cryo-ethanoic and lipid extractions that work just fine–it’s really just the post-processing to ensure you’re delivering a clean product that’s properly dosed. Same as any other pharma route, which I’d implore be utilized in that specific market. There’s tons of info on this site alone. Just make sure you’re bringing clean raw materials into whatever hustle you’re cooking up and if you get lost find one someone in the know rather than blindly move forward under the assumption that ‘not a lot of people are doing it and ‘I could recreate the wave with my latest greatest better than anything else tek’ shit cause that doesn’t really fly here and we’ve been doin’ this for far longer than it became about the money.


Ahh, now I see. Probably a pretty grey area for payments. I suppose if I were accepting credit cards, the charge would show as gourmet mushrooms. Not a lie if you’re weird and like the flavor like I do.

My payment processors gives my website a good go over every two or so months


Yeah, I don’t see how it could last either way, at least not until it’s fully legalized everywhere.

Not to be political but Ill bet i will be fully legal before cannabis. The govt wants a dumbed down population and shrooms make me pretty dull if i take them 2 days in a row.

You will need a myriad off company’s that are linked in the backend (software)
All payments in our company are done at legal shops ( sunglasses) yet you get diffrent products delivered
Other payment methods like pre paid internet card payments are a good second option as is COD
If only I could find a way to accept WoW or
Apple Pay or any of those international payment methods implemented


Extra, extra. Hemp twats want to destroy magic mushrooms with the alchemical trickery that took down the traditional cannabis concentrates market. Coming soon to a head shop near you fly shiitake. And muscaria morels.


But hemp ain’t over yet. I’m selling my SOP for hemp derived bath salts. I need a Ferrari and I don’t care how many junkies eat their friends faces.


Criticisms of D8 are largely unfounded but that’s not obvious reading this forum because of all the money-motivated bias against it from Rec / Med / BM players on here.

At least you’re a little more obvious with your bias.

Free market, baby.