Low Temperature Valve automation

Hello All,

I wanted to see if there is anyone out there that can help with a project. I am looking for low temperature solenoid or pneumatic valves. The working ambient temperature would be -60c. Ive scavenged the intrawebbs and found nothing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Actuated valves are nothing special but the temp requirement you have probably is. You should also specify what solvent you’re pushing thru these, since most solvents in this industry are very flammable and you probably want to keep your shop from burning down. Also whether or not you need stainless wetted parts.

With that said, Festo makes programmable PLC systems that are easy to configure to control air actuated valves. There’s a bunch of different companies selling plain actuated valves that are suitable for hazardous locations, and I’d imagine if you’re buying new most of them would allow you to specify valve temp requirements, but I don’t have personal experience with ones that go that low.


Swagelok Series 60L ball valves are rated for 1500 psig at -52C. We use them at -70C and much lower pressure. They are the best, but also expensive. Add a rack-and-pinion pneumatic actuator. For hazardous applications you will need XP solenoid (and limit switches).


I am also taking recommendations for cryogenic solenoid valves…

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we use Worcester C44 valves in cryogenic LNG service.


I’ve found the folks over at ShopCross.com to be very helpful in sourcing valves. Hope that helps.

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Agreed. Contact swagelok. They have what you need. You can also contact Asco for direct acting solenoid valves. If you are working in an extraction booth you will need to use explosion proof rated components.

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