LOOKING TO HIRE IN PHOENIX: Looking to hire an extractor in phoenix who can make distillate

LOOKING TO HIRE IN PHOENIX: Looking to hire an extractor in phoenix who can make distillate Must have experience in the field and the ability to obtain an FA card Delta Separation CUP 15 and Rotovape must know how to run to finished oil 35/hr near Phoenix Airport Licensed Facility
Call me : 8186201864

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50k (before overtime) for a uniquely trained in Hash Arizona native? Good luck.

To anyone offering this type of garbage wage for talent.

This shit has to end and the only way it will is with people letting you know your post is garbage.

Recruit real talents and recognize your cost of living/relocation for them. If they’re local that’s a bonus. Not an expectation lol.

You want someone to spend 40 hours a week making sure your SPDs are all perfect and wipers are rolling?

How much do you make per week with this imagination?

Jesus Christ this is pathetic. How can you guys low ball in a city that isn’t cheap?

You can’t even give them 6k a month to be 3x the 2k rent they pay each month/ to be qualified for a nice apartment.

You hoping for someone who lies to you and says they care and has a second job? Ready to dip when you’re at your lowest?

You can’t pay people for this type of labor and act like a monkey can do it with those stats.

Offer real money for the risks and opportunities or GTFO


When you post an extractor position on Future4200 for less than 1000 an hour


Coming from my oilfield experience at Baker Hughes where they pay more and have real benefits, yeah, what the fuck are y’all doing asking for less than 30hr? Do you not remember I made this thread making more then most delivering pizza?

You risk way more as an extractor.

You might as well go for the oil field.

:sleeping: @tom my 2 year old thread speaks volumes. Gas is only going up too.

Just because y’all want to race to the bottom doesn’t mean you won’t be dogged for it.

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upstream jobs don’t really have much in the way of stability

and you can’t really smoke if you want a good job


:rofl: if you’re a bitch
Lol I know air traffic controllers who dab
Shit air traffic controller trainers too


Nobody is safe lol

This idea that people actually play by the rules is so silly to me.

That’s like saying: “construction workers don’t do drugs.” Lol nope. They got high AF and built the elevator shaft you go in.

My homies hit dab pens and fucking build sky scrapers :rofl:
Scariest shit I’ve ever seen. They make bookoos of paper though

You know how many nurses get high? Lmfaooo drug test the ER nurses and you won’t have an ER. :laughing:

Reality is gonna smack so hard for so many people some day lol.

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it’s all good until you have an observed urinalysis after someone gets hurt or killed

pretty much every major refinery does hair testing as well


Tbh this is about normal pay in Az for a tech extracting crude the. running a roto and to finished disty. Hopefully they find someone who can work their full 90 and get an evaluation to earn more. If the facility is a sound place it could be a good gig.



It’s ppl with no jobs or money talking about the pay is too low like bro we here to make money, anyone who works with me has plenty of more opportunities just being in the same room. You can always work with some fuck who will not care for you and kick you to the curb when something better comes around for 5$ extra an hour lol.

@moveweight It’s a licensed company mister I move weight lol, you prolly broke with the time you seem to have on your hands. Let them give me a call to discuss all the benefits and the paid housing you just talking to talk I’m here for business if you don’t want the job or can’t make me money why even speak.


Not trying to sound skeptical but are you implying that you’re offering paid housing as an immediate benefit of this position?

Just wondering what you meant when you said “paid housing?”


Oh I mean no disrespect to you personally, but that’s mighty nice of you to add to the $35hr.

A single young adult would jump at the opportunity for their rent to be paid.
When you provide someone stipends, you’ve got yourself a different ad altogether now.
Enjoy your interns and Landlord experience with Cannabis Employees. (joking)
You can offer whatever pay you want when you cover their rent lol.

but $35? Now you want someone to stay and be a good fit and afford to relocate it sounds! Enjoy your opportunity!


For $35 /hr + paid housing I’ll gladly move from Cali and be the best damn (and experienced) employee you could ask for. Happy to provide my resume if that’s the situation you’re offering @Phoenixoil