Extractor Pay Discussion

I have to ask this because it makes no sense to me.
Especially for the West Coast / Colorado people.

How the fuck do you survive with that? Two incomes? Side hustle? Trapping on the side?

I remember thinking originally I could manage 50k out there for a full time commitment but quickly learned I was subsidizing with my savings and other outside work.

Hell Uber pays more in Texas than that 50k Salary, and my bills are easily 1/3rd of y’alls.


San Antonio

If your first week doesn’t pay all your bills, is it worth it to be called an extractor?

Literally at $29hr roughly with ppp loan availability and 55c/mile in write offs where I’m at. This is Texas. Cheap place. Yet anyone with a driver’s license and a car can make more than a highly skilled extractor.

Raise your prices and your rates kings. /Endrant


Is that 1200 a week consistent? Or is that a good week. What’s the average over a few months

I also think we are in a surge of ordering out because of rona so it’s a good time to be doing it that added in with everyone getting free money from the government to blow so they’re ordering 60$ door dash meals daily (hood rich)

maybe in a few months it’ll die down who knows. As far as extracts go they’ve been dead oil is so worthless these days, less meat on the bone for everyone involved


It’s 20-60hr for me. Consistently.

This was not including Uber eats see the ss

Before covid was closer to 25hr average (Texas)

The point still stands. Anyone with a license can get this bread. Less labor. Less skill. More pay.

My own schedule too? Fuck

You already gotta have a car with insurance to drive to work. How many don’t drive?


Nope, not without moving, and then the cost of living In most places with legal cannabis (that I would want to live) would fuck me.

Makes me thankful for my project management position (construction). I’m not going to flex bank statement haha but: Salary, truck (to drive to and from work with) and commission on each job, I make out way better than I would if I was extracting for someone else. Plus I have been here 7 years, most stable job ever.

Extracting for me will be a side project (unless wa allows full vertical integration) and even then the barrier of entry may never allow me to fully enter a legal market haha.

My 2cents

But everyone’s situation is different, so yeah, what works for me may not work for someone else.


I just think a lot of members here need to open their eyes on what they sacrifice. Stability.


I have a buddy making $40/hr from Uber Eats here in New England.

If you think Extraction Technicians don’t get paid enough, check out Lab Tech positions at analytical cannabis labs. It’s a joke. Even for entry level chemists/microbiologists it’s lackluster.


That’s what I average rn

Most of my guys take home about 2k a week. A few make $18 p/hr. And they are new
12 full timers on staff.


Six figures or bust. Imo


Own the machine, pay for input bio, run the machine, make extract. Profit.

If you cannot follow that path…you’re going to make a lot less money…




Buy a second and pay someone to run them both. :man_shrugging:


You really don’t understand the overhead for a legal cannabis business, lol.


Oh I do, I also understand I’d rather be a part of being in charge of that.


How much do you think an initial license costs plus renewals per year? (This is one of the smaller annual costs.)

2500 in Oklahoma lol


Ahhhh. Yeah, OK is the cheapest in the nation, lol.


So, you have no idea the cost for any other state?

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Lol I know many. Oregon would be choice #2

Texas? Ohio? Pass