Looking to hire a consultant to help me make water clear delta 8

Im looking for a consultant to show me how to make water clear delta 8 distillate. Getting the water clear color in bulk is what I’m looking for. I’m located in Arizona. Dm me with details. Thanks


Put carbon in your SPD flask, burp the Azulene thoroughly before you switch flasks to collect main body.


Thank you for the tip, I’ve been doing that for months and still only get gold in bulk. It sure looks better than my d9, and looks water clear in cartridges but not in bulk like I see on your insta.
When will you be doing another class haha


Thank you for the kind words :grin:. I’m taking a hiatus from consultations and IG for the rest of the year - all I can say is that aside from looks in bulk, there’s very little difference between what’s pictured above and some regular ol’ light yellow d8… The patients won’t know especially in carts like you said. These ultra-water results are very hard to replicate at-scale. If you are seeking the prestige of being able to do this - that’s a different story.
I’ve only taught this method thoroughly to a few people; @Kingofthekush420 and @dtslabs are pretty well versed in this method - you may do well by asking them if they can walk you through it :sunglasses:


I know that @Photon_noir has a sop for cbd isolate to delta 8 thc
I am about to buy his advise
I personaly think iT s the cleanest route When starting with clean white Cbd isollate don t know If your numbers Will be correct taking this path but for me they do
Good luck :grinning:


There’s a bit more to making bulk water clear, whether you want Δ8 or Δ9… the prepared carbon just makes it easier. Like @Deleted says, there is exactly zero difference between bulk water clear and cart/syringe water clear when it comes to quality, high, or anything that really matters. Those bulk buyers who demand jars of transparent white will also very often refuse to pay the premium you deserve for the meticulous processing, because they know it really doesn’t matter.

That said, thank you @Roguelab ! I can teach you how to make whatever ratio of Δ8:Δ9 you desire from whatever starting material, using processing selective for color (red, amber, gold, pink or purple with high purity, & some other colors like blue, teal and green in less pure cannabinoid product) or the lack thereof. The processes are a little tricky, but anyone can accomplish them with the right understanding and practice! :blush:


O You Will
Your contribution to the community here on futere 4200 is of such valeu that in My opinion we all should consult You first
No hard feelings to the rest of consultants here but You give just that finness
Thx by the way iT s a Greet comfort to know that for a fair price riddles and problems can be solved :+1:


CBD isolate to near pure THC, sounds like what is described as isomerization by D Gold in Cannabis Alchemy, here’s link where you can read it for yourself for free, click on the pages to turn them,

Or from Summit Research,

"Chemical Conversion of compounds into Δ8 & Δ9

Process Discussion:
As we in the curative industry work to improve our processes, Summit takes a look at the contributions made by curative scientists of the past. In this case we are presenting an overview of a chemical conversion of Δ8 and Δ9, brought about by Mechoulam and Gaoni.

Believe it or not, this research took place back in the 1960s- over 50 years ago. Among other tests, scientists wanted to create conditions similar to the human stomach. This tends to make us think they wanted to see if non-psychoactive compounds could in fact become psychoactive through unintended chemical change during digestion. Their results showed that under certain acidic conditions, compound does indeed chemically convert to other compounds; mainly Δ8 and Δ9. Though some of the testing methods they used required exotic chemicals like boron-trifluoride and benzene, one method utilized readily available materials with much higher relative safeties- ether and ethanol. With prices and regulation surrounding compounds on the decline, a market for Δ analogues derived from compound isolate may soon exist.

Some things to keep in mind, are that this article is merely a discussion of steps and techniques already presented in scientific texts and patents. Additionally, Gaoni and Mechoulam’s research does not represent the optimal processes for compound to Δ conversion. Anyone reviewing this article, related patents/texts, or conducting R&D, must be fully licensed, certified, and possess the appropriate safety equipment, gear, and knowledge before ever attempting any of the methods or techniques mentioned. Serious injury, poisoning, fire, incarceration, and even death may occur if required precautions are not taken.

Steps Taken:

⦁ Boiled a solution of absolute (200 proof) acidified ethanol with compound.
⦁ Gaoni and Mechoulam combined 3.0g compound with 100ml (78.9g) absolute ethanol containing 0.05% HCl (hydrochloric acid).
⦁ The solution was boiled for 18 hours.
⦁ Poured solution into water, extracted with ether.
⦁ They poured the boiled solution into water, added ether, and pulled the compounds into the ether layer.
⦁ Washed solution with water, dried, and evaporated ether.
⦁ G&M then washed the ether solution with water.
⦁ They dried the solution with sodium sulfate (Na2SO4).
⦁ The ether was then evaporated.
⦁ Eluted compounds via chromatography.
⦁ Various compounds and other chemical compounds were removed through chromatographic methods.

Summit believes the demand for highly purified oils and isolates will keep increasing exponentially, as compounds continue to flood into our lives and manufacturers find new ways to market their goods. Laws are loosening up which allows us to use compounds in more ways now than ever before. This industry needs pioneers, and sometimes to make something new you need to look at the contributions of legends from the past. –JBV"

Reflux the CBD isolate dissolved in ethanol with some hydrochloric or sulphuric acid in a glass jacketed reactor?


Distilling CBD isolate with bleaching Clay will give you d8 & d9 without needing to play with ethers and hydrochloric acids.


Treu but the acid route Gives a 98 % definite conversion to delta 8 :boom:[quote=“SkyHighLer, post:8, topic:6292”]



Well, no, but that was an old experiment, as the Summit blurb states. D Gold improved on it with Cannabis Alchemy. Many others and I have also made some improvements to the methods, now achieving 100% conversion of CBD to THCs.


Structure of cannabidiol. VI. Isomerization of cannabidiol to Tetrahydrocannabinol, a physiologically active product. Conversion of cannabidiol to cannabinol
Adams, R., Pease, D.C., Cain, C.K., and Clark, J.H.
J. Am. Chem. Soc., 1940, 62 (9), pp 2402–2405
DOI: 10.1021/ja01866a040

It’s available from Library Genesis, click on libgen under Links, then click on GET at the download page you’re taken to,


Cool, thank you! :blush:

Put acidic bleaching clay in your distillation flask and you should get d8.

You can also make a 1M solution of phosphoric acid and react with bleaching clay for 30 min at 90C. You’ll get a nice stable d8 waterclear, or if you don’t use ENOUGH acid , a mix of d9 and d8 that is water clear.


Hello I’m interested in converting c02 crude into delta 8. What would you charge for a an sop for this? This is my first time on the site so I don’t really know how things work. I’ve been doing extraction for 4 years with an apek 20l and 5lt, winterizing (so low negative 85 freezer) 20micron, 5 micron 1 micron. 2l summit shortpath. Im finding that my oil is gold but darker. My vac gets to 100-150 microns on the regular but I really just want to do one pass and was hopping there might be a way to just turn it to delta 8 and be done with it. Let me know. I’m willing to pay for advice or sop thank you

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Check your DMs, im in socal


Would you say it’s harder to make the water clear or the light yellow? Either would work for me and I don’t want to spend a bunch of money trying to figure this out.

How much carbon do I add. Ratio of crude:carbon? Tia

The yellow is way easier.


Both are easy…