Looking to buy crumble in California

I need California compliant crumble or THCa rich crude or batter. no soup, no black tar.

Legal, taxed and compliant.
We are legally licensed and located in Oakland. I can send a truck up or down to your lab for pick up.

Heavy metal
Analytic test highly preferred

Looking to buy a few thousand grams at first and then more on a consistent weekly basis.

Can be dark or food grade in color. I’ll be using it for another secondary process so I need the most cost efficient material.

Looking forward to doing business with the community in a big way :call_me_hand:t5:


Still looking if anybody with a license gas crumble, honeycomb, or budder/batter.

Dark color and lower quality.
If you have CRC crude I’d love to get a quote on a kilo or two

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What is your budget?


$3-4 for your fail/garbage runs.

Looking for unattractive crumble, budder/batter, THCa rich crude or CRC crude

Licensed and ready to purchase in oakland

My budget would be for a couple kilos to start and then explosive growth after. We are just starting up on the new regulated marketplace. But our product sells itself. So volumes will increase very fast once we lock in our input source

Good luck.


Thank you :pray:t5:
I need it

3-$4 is right at cost.


Depends on your biomass cost and manufacturing cost. I’m not looking for high grade product, there’s got to be somebody producing for less then $3

Sourwavez said crumble is at 6 a g these days my boy

I think you’re looking for someone who gets free product on splits that is willing to undercut the average market price and sell it for what it would cost if they had bought the trim. Labor warehouses electrical engineer stamps and lab testing ain’t cheap


I got you dawg. $2.50/g L2L ONLY!

:hamburger: :scientist:t5: :fire: :dash:

Edit: I can’t figure out how to do italics.


Haha I dropped that whole gram at one time. Tasted like a whopper with cheese :woozy_face:

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Save money by ingesting the very essence of a whopper! Plus NO CARBS! Keto approved!

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But for real. I hope you find what you seek. Just figured I’d keep the train rollin with the wheels greased. Twas truly a fun thread haha.

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Thank you kind sir :call_me_hand:t5:

I may have to adjust my numbers and charge more for my end product it seems.

Is It possible to get $16 a gram Bulk unpackaged wholesale L2L?

What’s the highest you’ve seen?

Yeah I know all about the state raping first hand. it cost a lot to begin operations and cost a good amount to maintain compliance. I think we all know how much CLS components love to break or malfunction.

I know I can get my cost down to $4 or less paying $100-125 for biomass + $44 tax and +50-80 lb to have it blasted. I just need to find the biomass. I wanted to see if there was any mud butt or failed runs that people would let go for cheap. We’ve all had bad runs we put on the back burner. I wanna buy the back burner fail concentrates. Anybody got anything unattractive lying around? :face_with_monocle:

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Bulk wholesale what?

Honestly, I don’t know of anything but solventless extracts going for big bucks on wholesale bulk.

But I reckon if you got something extra fancy…


Based on his query and his username I think he’s making thca isolate