Looking for Trim/Biomass

We are a SoCal extraction company looking to purchase biomass/trim on a weekly basis. We are looking for suppliers that can provide up to 1000lb a week. Delivered is preferred.
Please DM any offers and include availability, % and pricing.


Hello my name is Lois from A CBD Company. I can provide you biomass. Ler me know how much you want to pay .

Please contact me tomorrow at 310-946-5524.

We have it

Give me a call or text me at 310-946-5524 on Monday . Look forward to hearing from you.

BTW what is your name

Hello,I can help you with your request for bio and trim everyweek. Text/WhatsApp 19546371770

If you ever need CAT3 distillate or someone you know that needs it. Text/WhatsApp 19546371770

How much per liter ?

Hit me up at 19546371770 to discuss further. No sales talk here.

Hi there.
I am a consultant, single entity, direct to farms in Michigan, Oregon, and Colorado.
I can offer you fresh frozen biomass, cherry wine hybrid, 12%+, up to 300,000 lbs at 1.20%\lb - for a limited time while inventory lasts.
Ready to ship within a week.
If interested, I can be reached at 647-963-9822

  • Ryan

Biomass we have lots of to fill your orders DM or 707-339-5696

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Have been supplying several large labs in the SoCal area for years now. >10% currently at $30. Potency guaranteed.

Need licensed trim 1000-2000 weekly

Do you have access to THC biomass?

Is that price for THC biomass?

Jbud, I currently have 1300 lbs of traditional market 12+ % product at $10.00 per point. The product is in Sonoma County Delivery could be possible after procurement for a fee. I’m saying 12+ though the last batch returned at 14%. This actual bud trim not bio mass, water leaf crap. High grade trim. I also have 2000 lbs of CA legal CAT 3 license 2 license trim available as well. 1000 lbs of 10%+ and 1000 lbs of 13% to 15% + your the same price $10.00 a point plus taxes. I have the COA’s on the flower that produced the cat 3 trim trim. We pride ourselves on quality products our flowers are testing at 23 to 26.5 % Delta 9

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hello I am currently in la area and have 2000 lbs trim that can be delivered

Still available?

Do you still have this available?

What’s the yield and ticket price you’re asking for?

10 to 12 % yield an 40 lb will deliver