Looking for some sort of consultation. Oregon

Hello, Im sorry if this isn’t proper and this category is only for advertisers I am currently running a OSS 30lb system with my brother and we are almost completely self taught. We’ve studied for days and days and learned more than we ever thought possible and focused a lot of that time into operating safely. I am looking for somebody in the Portland/Eugene area that would be interested in sharing some knowledge with 2 young brothers who want to know everything they possibly can. This is our passion and we love it more than anything and want to work to perfect it. I understand that knowledge is the most important thing you can possess and I would never ask for it for free. If you’re are interested/comfortable in allowing us to see live demonstration and letting us pick your brain for a day or two please let me know. We have some extra equipment and one of us has a background in stainless steel welding. We can work out a trade or offer some work if you need anything done, or just pay, you’re the boss, just let us know.

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@StoneD is where I would look for a consultation.


see Go fund @davidb

especially Go fund @davidb - #32 by cyclopath

…and understand why: Have u guys seen a rise in lab explosions?




You running passive or active?

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I’m based in Portland as well and would be happy to meet up some time.


I am running active recovery with a MVP 60PSI