Looking for some help making THC/CBD infused syrup thats water suspendable / water soluble

Hello everyone hope your well, ive had a really tough time making some water suspendable / water soluble sugar based syrup that won’t separate after sitting / is not shelf stable.

I’m wanting to use Bho fully decarbed.
I feel like I’ve been very close in my experiments but i have wasted a shit load of hash in the process.

I would like to start over with a open mind and ask for any and all help, i’m open to paying for a consult as well.

Thank you all so much i appreciate your time and help.

This is simple, yet not simple. If that makes sense.

Getting your syrup right is only part of it, your water needs to be correct for the job at hand.

If you look at the soda industry and use them as your “consultant” you will see that the main tool they use is carbonation. Carbonation with help keep molecules suspended as long as carbonation is present.


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Good luck I been askin this question for over a year


There is a ton of useful information on the threads in this forum. What have you tried that hasn’t worked?

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A working recipe? If it’s so easy post a working recipe right here right now for a distillate in syrup stable for minimum 30 days and I’ll send 100$ to wherever you want charity or your own PayPal. I’ve tried many and they all suck.

I’ve documented many recipes on this forum and shared my info

What’s the suggestion q natural that tastes so bad it’s undrinkable or agave nectar that falls out of solution in 12 hours. How bout the wolfentek recipe that lasts about 48 hours


You tried gum Arabic?

Are you using high shear & pressure emulsification or ultrasonic homogenization? Or both? Are you emulsifying your stuff in the right order before adding to solution?

You’re not ever gonna get there in shelf stability with a high speed mixer.

I’ve tried purity gum ultra by Ingredion but it’s been awhile.

And I’m using a high shear homogenizer

Any luck on this yet?

I have no desire to drink pot but I do look at my soda stream sometimes and wonder.

Maybe give that a read :person_shrugging: haven’t tried it yet might give it ago soon


Thanks man. :smiley: I’ll give this a shot. I wonder what the shelf life of this would be??