Looking for recommendations on a very very large scale extractions



yes. I see how you got confused. my bad. yes a million lbs! htf do we do that in 95% humidity


No. I did not get confused. Despite the fact that you refer to drying as “trying” and “drawing”.

You failed to answer direct clarifying questions. Repeatedly.

that won’t get you the response you’re after


Talk to the tobacco farmers!!

Or hit @RedDog up. Drier is better for ethanol.


Your boss doesn’t expect much do they?

Dry me a million pounds of cannabis, sharp, then design me a better lap…



lap? see auto correct.


see https://deutscheprocess.com/

but you knew that because you’ve already looked at @Future’s General Hemp Processing Equipment Spreadsheet


Mad710Skillz. Where are you building the facility and if you have a large budget we can help in consulting for that. DM me with your number and we can go over options.