Looking for recommendations on a very very large scale extractions



My employer is looking to build a extraction facility but we would need to accommodate extracting 200000 lb in a season this would consist of trying that same amount of weight in a climate that is similar to a rainforest. Does anybody have any recommendations on how I would try it this much material as well as extract that much


Maybe try



Heptane and a big falling film. You can use the silo tanks they sell to gas stations as the extraction vessel and the extraction happens at room temp. No water logging either. Are you in the US?


I’m assuming you mean “drying”.

Which imo is a step in the right direction from all the folks who seem to think flash freezing wet biomass (so 106 lbs) is going to work out well…

The tobacco industry has addressed that problem quite effectively, and I would expect drying 100 ton of biomass to be well within their capabilities.

Assuming you want to run your machinery 300days a year, you could get by with less than 1000lb a day of extraction capability. A single Ace 30 will handle that.

You’ll need an Evaporator that can keep up, and 500gal in 24hrs is available off the shelf in the cannabis space, so no need for anything exotic

If you haven’t checked out the Ethanol Extraction White Paper @Photon_noir and the rest of our team put together, it’s a decent starting point.

If you want to extract that 100 tons in 30 days rather than 300, then you’re talking serious equipment needs. But why? Because only 65 days off means you’ve got to work some weekends?!?


You must be meaning 200,000 lbs input material per month, yes? Otherwise I don’t think 200k per year would be considered “very very large” by most standards.

So the question is, is that 200k of wet material that you are then drying before processing? Or 200k input per month of dried material? It’s a big difference there.

Also, where is this rainforest lab located? PNW? Or another country/hawaii?

If it’s in the PNW, I can possibly assist with the drying as we are setting up an industrial mass scale hemp drying facility this year on a conveyer system.


my employer said he wants as much cbd oil possible. we will grow and buy hemp at the largest scale currently possible to extract as much as we can the extraction building it elf has a 5 million dollar budget. I need as much help as possible, I usually only extract and now I’ve been given a position that’s asking a lot more of me usually i only extract and now I’ve been given a position that’s asking a lot more of me and I’m not sure if I can find right sources. my employer literally told me imagine the largest scale possible extraction machine even if we have to design it and have it built I was also told to design a lap a whole building I was also told to design a lab a whole building with exactly what we’re going to need to process all of this storage drying freezing Terp extraction falling film distillation machines excetera but on a massive scale they have already bought a building and can be retro fitted but they’re is a budget for a new building


there will be two hundred tons of our first outdoor crop we are looking to accommodate at least 200 tons we are looking to accommodate at least 200 tons of drying space and we would like to have that space to store in coming shipments of hemp we are also looking to extract as much biomass as possible do you have any suggestions for very high capacity extraction machines?


we need to be able to dry 200000 pounds but that is a minimal amount we’ve calculated we will be able to grow there should be a 400,000 pounds if we have a good crop we’re looking to dry it and store it properly but I come from Colorado it is very dry out there where I’m at the climate is very very moist 90% humidity we can’t just leave it in a barn


yes. but I’m unfamiliar with that extraction method


Buy the righ barn!


So familiarize yourself with it!!

If you can’t substitute heptane for butane or ethanol and see the SAME process, you need to do a lot more reading before taking on a project of this magnitude.


that’s what I’m doing I think ethanol is going to be our solvent


How much biomass do you want to extract in a 24hr period?

You started with a 100ton crop. You’ve now suggested 200ton and “the sky is the limit”.

Is that imaginary biomass wet when you guesstimate it’s mass?

Have you looked at futures hemp processing spreadsheet? There is a link to it on the ethanol white paper page linked above.


It puts the cannabis it the tube
It runs the solvent over the cannabis
It distills the solvent off the cannabinoids
It goes again

Solvent agnostic.


just 2 be clear.

100 ton is the minimum amount of biomass we will have without purchasing any, and that would be at one pound per plant we are going to purchase as much hemp as possible the extract facility is going to be built to the specifications of the extraction equipment. and yes the sky is in fact the limit my employer has the money they have been looking for extraction machines that would process the largest amount of hemp currently available in the industry I am just now starting to help them look for the equipment but they also need a drawing room to keep up with demand


I have no imaginary biomass it sounds like you’re in a bad mood I feel like you’re kind of being rude I could be wrong but just to make it clear I’m not full of s*** and I’m just trying to help my employers out they asked me for help I’m trying they have an unrealistic timeline but they have the money to make it happen


Rude? Or failing to sugar coat?!?

What you are is asking is $50,000 consult imo. You do not appear qualified for the task. I’m not either. But at least I know that.

Your failure to answer basic questions (eg are you giving us wet or dry weight) is certainly not helping.

I’m not saying your full of shit, I’m asking for clarification on your proposed scale.

If you have not imagined the amount of biomass you intend to play with (5x diff between wet and dry) how can anyone hope to help you?

I’ll ask again if you’ve viewed @Future’s hemp processing spreadsheet.

Consider it rhetorical


You may want to suggest to your employer to hire on a professional consultant as a co-director on the project. Someone who has been involved in the design & build out of a lab this size before. This will make things much easier for you.

I’m sure folks here can offer some suggestions and references for that.


I said I need to dry it. so yes dry. we my possibly extract terpenes first. but we will need it dry to extract properly with ethanol but really I’m looking for recommendations on drying 200,000 lb at a time correctly pinnacle stainless has a machine that we may be purchasing quite a few else but I would like to just run one machine as possible and just looking for recommendations that’s all if they want to hire a consultant they can they asked me to try to help so I’m asking people it’s definitely out of my league but that’s what this page is for isn’t it



If you need to dry 100 ton, then you are imagining 100ton of wet biomass!

Which is 20ton dry.

If you are imagining 100ton dry biomass, your looking at drying a million lbs