Looking for new cannabinoids. THCH, THCB, THCPO etc


We are looking for new cannabinoids that are not yet regulated in Japan.

Looking for a company that will allow us to purchase even a small sample for import testing.
The correct COA is also needed.

I can answer any questions regarding my country and laws in detail.

Please let me know if there are any other new psychoactive cannabinoids besides these.


Hey guys we have everything right now except for the B and the JD. Its best to import it into Japan in a premixed solution. If they have any thought that it could be psychoactive they typically don’t allow it through. Hope this helps!


Dihydrocannabinol currently seems to be the most likely HHC successor


Where can we find this? We work with rares and have fantastic pricing, perhaps we can collaborate here.

Not 2h-cbd nor 4h-cbd are psychoacrive
The highest psychoactivity they give is like smoking a sigaret to a non smoker
Nothing else
So selling it off as a psychoactive substance is fraudulent in my opinion
Since Austria illegelized requests have gone treu the roof. But I think that in a few months at most it will not be wanted anymore
Althou it s a good combo with thc-p
Where it smoothens out the hy


I’m talking about dihydrocannabinol not dihydrocannabidiol but I’m not aware of anyone who was able to produce it, so I don’t think we really know anything about its psychoactivity. According to the chemists I consulted this would be the only obvious HHC alternative

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I would throw our hat in the ring for the HHC successor with our 8-Hydroxy-Hexahydrocannabinol (8-OH-HHC) and 10-Hydroxy-Hexahydrocannabinol. This is currently available in bulk…

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Illegal in Austria. I also think 7,8-dihydrocannabinol might be interesting @Roguelab

We’d love to get our hands on some, are you able to ship to either switzerland or germany?

Potentially, although I am not up to date on whats allowed in those countries. Our last test on the 8-OH came at ND D9, 1% D8 and .09% CBN. The 10-OH Isolate came back ND for all compounds (D9, D8, CBN, etc)

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Is there any difference in potency between the two isomers and have you been able to test the 10-OH distillate yet?

We specifically need something with less than 1% of all THC Isomers

There is no standard currently available for 10-OH-HHC anywhere - however, we have provided a standard manufacturer with purified materials so that they can it to their catalog and have a publicly available standard for anyone to use. Standards do already exist for 8-OH-HHC, and we are working with a small group of labs to get testing up and running. 10-OH-HHC has been confirmed via NMR and mass spec.

10-OH-HHC can be prepared as a crystalline solid, which would be ND for all THC isomers.


Further to what @eyeworm said, we have not tested the 10-OH distillate but imagine there will be some presence of THC. The 8-OH came back at 1.056% D8. Only the 10-OH isolate would be ND for all THC isomers.

In terms of effect, we have found the 8-OH to be slightly stronger in effect than D8 and the 10-OH slightly stronger than D9, both without the burnout/couch lock effect traditionally associated with D8/D9.

"Hey we’re currently in search of an HHC alternative for the swiss market and hydroxy-HHCs seem very promising. We’ve already got green light by our lawyer, as long as we can have it shipped under 1% total THC. Could you please send us the COAs you currenty have and tell us which types of OH-HHC you can offer at which quantities. My E-mail is: sievijoshua@gmail.com

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Is 11-OH-HHC excreted into THC-OOOH?

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