Looking for KD6 Thin film consultant to help boost THC levels, or help with parameters!


My name is Shawna, and I work for Ionic and I am looking for Possibly a consultant to help me with a KD6 Thin Film distillation machine parameters. I run CO2 crude and sometimes E.T.O.H through and have not been able to reach above 89% THC.
Any and all help or input is greatly appreciated!

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Knows his wipers

Also use the search bar


“Wiped film”


EtOH crude and CO2 crude can be quite different in makeup as a feedstock depending on how the extraction is carried out. If you could elaborate more perhaps I can help, have experience with both CO2 and EtOH crudes on KDL6 wipers. Right off the bat it sounds like you need to fix the issue upstream in your extraction and pre-distillation processing, but more info will be useful


I have worked with people on this many times. Happy to talk.

I am mainly working with CO2 crude from an APEX machine. I also decarb all product post entry.

How many passes?

Whats your vacuum on each pass?

Whats do you have your temperatures set to on each pass?


These are my parameters for BHO crude I have had great success with. Do you have a turbo pump? Also are you scrubbing with any absorbents between passes? Cleaning with limonene is crucial for maintenance too.

First Pass:
Feed: 90
Wiper speed: 150
EVAP: 170
Resin: 100
Cold Trap: -34

Second Pass:
Feed: 80
EVAP: 150
Condesner: 60


Are you winterizing?

What temp are you decarbing at and for how long?

Vacuum levels would also help

Are they not decarbing prior to co2 extraction?

Can I send you my information via Instagram?

Of course

I’ll message you

I have a kdl5. With stainless upgrade and LN2 cold trap

We use first pass/terp strip:
Condensor 20C
Feed residue 100C
Evaporator 135C
Wiper speed 350

Second pass:
Condensor 100C
Feed residue 110C
Evaporator 150C
Wiper speed 350

We just tested at over 92%THC

That’s super low on the terp strip, 152 for thc on the terpene strip and 172 for the distillate pass. I might do 167 for the distillate pass if I feel like the colors a little dark at 172

Yeah, I’ll try that and see how it goes on next batch. We were hitting such good vacs is why we turned it down a notch. Metal is such a gnarly heat transfer. I love it. Reminds me of my days in BASF and Motiva chemicals… the heat transfers in them plants are remarkable.

Make sure the basket RPMs are maxed also, idk if you can go above 350.

The faster the basket the more surface area because of longer distance traveled.

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Just out of curiousity, what vac are you getting?

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Roughing pass, we are hitting 9.67E-01torr…

Distillate pass, we hit 7.65E-03torr

Huh. I used to get well into the E-4 range on my chemtechs

I’m sure we can with LN2. I also need to change mineral oil and that will help. Fresh oil and acetone/DI, I nearly hit -4

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