Looking for CBG clones or seeds

Hello my wife and I have a small mom and pop hemp farm on the western slopes of Colorado. We are looking for CBG clones or seeds. Please let me know what you have. Grateful for any ideas. Cheers




I know SOMEONE has high CBG genetics…


Bro you can’t find cbg genetics it’s near impossible. Cbg is the building block of all cannabinoids. You only find high amounts of it when you cut your plants early. All that cbg will turn into thc, cbd, cbg

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Not necessarily impossible to find… if you can find genetics that dont have the thca synthase gene you are able to maintain high cbg levels. Good luck finding someone who will sell you those clones right now though. If you go seed route you’ll have to plant and test hundreds, probably thousands to get what you want and then clone it when you do. Im starting the process of looking and will keep yall updated on here. I know a couple of other guys are doing the same thing. Just a matter of time til they are readily available.


Yeah I’ve heard rumors of plants that pop out 10% cbg but I dunno how real the people were, they had no clue about distillation and seemed generally clownish

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CBG genetics are out there, it remains to be seen how stable they will be when it all gets planted out this year. But I got ahold of 10,000 CBG seeds, and know the guy who received 1,000,000. Like I said it remains to be seen how stable the genetics are when they all get planted out. However, I got my hands on some of the 1,000,000 seeds-guy’s crude he had, and here are the results once I degassed and did a quick decarb. about 50% CBG. CBG crude.pdf (725.2 KB)
You will see a lot more CBG in products after this years harvest. Next year I would expect to see even more acreage get planted with CBG as the price of CBD falls and the consumer realizes that CBG is a very valuable compound for many conditions.


Are they fem? What genetics are they?

Are these the CanapAroma CBG?

theres a couple people around on IG that have CBG seed strains that don’t enter thca synthase; the trick now is finding what those genes are/linked too so you can stabilize in seed form without feminizing…

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What do you mean? Find them without feminzing

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I’ve seen a few people on IG with CBG, but few are selling seed. Also, there’s hemp varieties, like santhica27, that are already stable and consistently put out 2-3% cbg. I’m curious tho what you mean by stabilizing without feminizing?


Me as well. Does most not selling them mean some are?

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We have 1m CBG starts at Oregon Sol, grown from seed from OregonCBD.

The crude is confirming the CBG potency from the Crawford brothers test plots.

@mj_martini same farm?


What percent?

Ace seeds has a few high cbg cultivars. This one was tested at roughly 2.5%

Almost 100% on that, Honestly, I should have been a little more clear that my company has these seeds out with our growers, and I can be bad with names before I actually met people.

It sucks the Crawford sell 1mil seeds to someone instead of trying to disperse them a little better.

Because then everyone would have them. Probably only trusted ppl get them.

Guawi up to 2% https://www.aceseeds.org/en/strains/guawifem.html
Bangi congo-panama up to 2% https://www.aceseeds.org/en/strains/bangicongopanamafem.html
Bangi haze up to 2% https://www.aceseeds.org/en/strains/bangihazefem.html
Congo listed at 2.34% https://www.aceseeds.org/en/strains/congofem.html
Zamaldelica listed at 2% https://www.aceseeds.org/en/strains/zamaldelicafem.html

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