Looking for CBD Isolate, bio mass, and crude

Who has it?

We currently purchase bulk isolate and looking for more. We can’t keep up with current production in our lab and have given out two decent sized contracts but open to another.

Need proof of product before giving LOI or POF as I’m over these wannabe brokers that know a guy that know a guy (have wasted way to much time) Needs to be over 99.3% and no heavy metals, residual solvents, and pesticides.

Also we are looking for high CBD biomass

CBD crude to purchase

We are the buyer and we would like to purchase direct from the producer. Wire (will put into escrow with attorney) or cash ready.

I’m currently in LA and my business partner is in Denver but we are willing to fly other places to make the deal happen.

Don’t have bulk? We can take 5,10,25 at a time but can go up to 200.

We are the unicorn you have been looking for :unicorn:


Still need CBD can anyone deliver?


I could use some also


I’m also looking for colorado biomass and isolate. I would love to find a good source that is close by!


This is too funny. All these middle men with their ‘direct connections’ to the lab who claim they’re not brokering.

Tell me … if you’re not the lab, or directly employed by the lab or its parent company, but you’re putting yourself between purchasers and said lab … what the fuck are you if you’re not a broker trying to middle man someone for profit?

You guys are paying way too fucking much as well. We get US isolate with full, current, batch specific COA at €5500/kg on singles over here in Europe.

If anyone was considering paying $6500 for 100+kg … send me a message first, and let’s go halves on the $300,000 I’ll save you.


What up, Kylan!?

I know its too funny, 6500 is too high


Need 2kg in Bay Area, must be clean, will test before purchase. 8312724588 -Dan


what is a fair price for 99% isolate for a KG, 7k?

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“The top feel so much better than the bottom”


Yes! I do it all !

are you a lab?

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Yes we have labs .

Are you a broker?

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we can help you 951-204-4800 Deb

What is your volume? Call me 951-204-4800 Deb

Hello my name is Ben and I am a retired NFL player who just ventured into the hemp and cbd scene. Would be interested in talking to you. Trying to get some buyers set up before our first process. Let me know if you would like to chat.


What is difference between a middleman and a broker?

The difference is that I actually know who to go to , instead of calling 10 more people and have them put a dollar in a sale through a daisy chain … it took me few years to find sources I can trust … attorneys that know what they are doing and farmers that actually allow me to rep them …
that’s the difference between a broker that knows the industry and does leg work to make life easier and middleman that will promise you the world and won’t deliver… or better yet take your pof and shop it around pretending to be you /)


Is this a joke? Or are you really disillusioned enough to think you are some glorified middleman?