Looking for Cancer Meds

Hey All,

I have a close friend whose mom has recently found out she’s got breast cancer. She has dealt with this several times in the past and has already jumped into chemotherapy.

I saw my friend last night and she told me what was going on. If I was still in the lab, I’d have made something myself, but considering all the verified slangers around here, I’m reaching out to see if anyone has full spectrum, t-free distillate. I know it’s not as ubiquitous as isolate, but I’d prefer a full spectrum product to an isolate.

Also, if anyone has any research articles regarding breast cancer and cannabinoids I’d be very grateful.

Also, NOT looking for donations. I want to help out a friend and her mom and I don’t expect charity…because I know you generous bastards will offer it.

As always,


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Thank you, dude. Much appreciated

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i can help with some ideas,email at barbiirahaa@gmail.com

Phil sorry to hear I lost my dad to cancer . Wish https://gcmaf.se/proof/ was around when he had it maybe it can help her!

Hi Phil, hope you are well.

I too am battling pancreatic cancer, I’d be interested in peoples opinion / experience in dosing thc & cbd.

I’m currently mixing thc distillate with cbd full spectrum paste (hemp co2 extracted) which I find easy to dose and also know that what i have is pure and lab tested.

I’ve found rso hit and miss previously, at least this way I can tweak the cbd/thc ratio (currently 1:1).

Also be interested on how people dose I.e morning and night or if they take the cbd and thc separately?


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