Looking for bulk waste hemp in oregon

Are you a large Hemp grower OR processor looking to get rid of spent material?? well we are looking for large amounts of processed or waste hemp/cannabis to process into various construction materials located near Albany Oregon. thankyou for looking

You pick it up from eugene?

Might know some folks. How much do YOU define as “large amounts” because it looks like an unending supply from here.


Are you looking for fiber?

Or will post extraction flower/trim/hemp biomass fit your needs?

Are residual cannabinoids a problem?
At what level?

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Yes we can pick up but with the cost of gas would need to be a few tons/Bailing tote bags. Residual cannabinoids not an issue everything goes thru a chemical wash and bleaching. we get mostly biomass but are also looking for fibers as well. Were picking up 75-100tons a month up to this point and now looking to keep up supply/expand if possible.


We are generating about 50 tonnes a month and we would be happy to work something out with you.


This is awesome! I love seeing value captured from every inch of this plant.

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yes we do not believe in waste as it perpetuates an issue . Small Gasifier and biodiesel generation on site so partially pays for electrical bills when used in the generators. There shouldn’t actual ever be a “waste product” just means we haven’t figured out it’s uses.


You’re having success using a gasifier on spent cannabis biomass?

The folks at All Power Labs down in Berkeley have long held they were simply not able to make that work.

Ideas for used Bio-Mass

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Yes its biomass there shouldn’t be any issues running thru an appropriate sized gasifier not sure if they were trying to use catalysts but even hot steam will generate a fiery blaze. We generally burn fallen trees and misc. brush from around the farm. At this time we are only burning about 2-4% of the biomass removed during bleaching and powderisation before the final steps.

can you call 732 266 9602. we have plenty

I am located in Tennessee. We are processing about 4 tons a week, but will likely double that processing ability soon. If interested please feel free to DM me.

With the current prices I don’t think the shipping cost would be worth it sadly.

Still looking for Biomass have found some great people on this sight but still needing 20tons per month and we will be at capacity for now. Also for those that keep asking No we do not run a business or produce any sellable products just a small group in the late stages of POC research along with rigorous testing to reduce waste. Most of us work out of a think tank & Just trying to make a change. In a few months when we have seen how the material mixtures have held up in various environments we can see if others are interested in utilizing “wasted” produce. Thankyou for looking. Located Near Albany OR.

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Hello there how are you doing today? i am Trevor by name . i know a legit seller for the waste hemp . you can contact him


Bump could use another 5tons monthly thankyou!

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