Looking for a new SPD, what's your adapter preference?

Hey everyone,

Our lab is looking into buying a new SPD setup, I was curious to see what everyone’s favorite distribution adapters are and why. I’m familiar with laminar, swing arm, valved, discharge pump.

Thanks in advanced and it’s great to be here.


In my opinion if you can afford a good discharge pump then it’s by far the best way to go.


Second discharge on a lam pump idea

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Welcome to the future @AcidJumper!


Discharge is best for the process
But with the use of a difstak it s very hard to get below 1 micron vacuum


Thank you all for your input, it is very much appreciated. I was thinking along the same lines, discharge pump is the way to go, I wasn’t quite sure if it was really worth the extra cash, however, it seems like the way to go for anything 12L and above.

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@therealganjfather what say you? Took do this work every day, what’s your daily driver?


Welcome to the forum @AcidJumper! You’ll find this place is more than just a great resource!

What size SPD are you guys upgrading to, what brand/style?

A gear pump is definitely the best of the best, but may not be necessary depending on your output. I have a 10L SPD blasting a little over 1/2 liter an hour with just an isolation valve with an inert gas adapter to backfill N2.

I’ve thought about upgrading to a gear pump for convenience but I personally wouldn’t invest in one until it was time to bring in a wiped film, which would hit multiple liters per hour and makes swapping flasks tedious.


Swing arm with another flask to catch 1st pass, isolation adapter for 2nd


we sell big flange glass spd, cheap price.

could 3-4.5L per hour.

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Hi @therealganjfather thank you for the welcome, and willingness to help a guy out! The more I look around here the more I find in this place, I’m looking forward to diving into more topics here as well.

We are looking to upgrade form a 5L to a 12L, preferably LabSociety or Summit, G3X or SPD-4 HB 1-2.

Currently we have a valve setup. I don’t mind the valve, except when it leaks at the valve and you have to fiddle with it for a few moments to get the vac back down. I like the idea of a swing arm, curious to know if there is any issues with leaks after moving, either at the adapter joints, or the joints up/down stream from the adapter.

To be honest I don’t mind swapping our flasks, but a swing arm/discharge does have have a bit of allure to it, my main question for gear pump is at what point is it actually needed/worth the money.

Thank you to all for your input, it does help us out.


Personally I like to take flasks, the valves have a slight intrusive nature. I would recommend summit as they have stock and deals on different generation heads. Lab society is having a difficult time and getting product from their suppliers. So you might get sold on a expired stock of parts stuck together into a package you don’t want. If you want free support 24/7 go with summit. Thier staff is highly professional in this field with knowledge.

The other problem is most “sales” companies focus on getting the sale, so they will divide up products and include lesser quality or performing products just to make a sale. You may Be stuck with crappy weak mantles and branded glass that products low outputs and potency. Summit may introduce a higher price at first but we found by listening to thier hardware recommendations but the time our equipment showed up it turned on without issues and performed fast as expected.

Saving money on junky parts and glass because it fits into a price range is where you end up crying after.


Who is using a spd to make distillate in 2023?

If you can’t scale with these prices you already out or on the way

If you are some bm trapper with a small cart biz maybe I could see you staring at balls all day

Htking still owes me last employer a refund. Boiling flask imploded on first run and head cracked by flange. He disappeared and emptied his accounts so we were unable to get a refund. Also didn’t come as displayed in pictures. Everything was crooked. Good luck finding what you need

Post a selfie Elliot. Miss your cherubish smile

Hope all is well and it’s not low sales triggering the attacks on your competitors

Told you back in 19 you needed a wiper and in that time across made one and you didn’t.

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I am not elliot. My lab shut down the large wiper we got because it always made brown stinky distillate. We sold the wiper. Our short paths make brighter distillate faster with higher potency. No complaints. Q

Aaaaand that’s how I know you Elliot.

No other person in the world besides a spd salesperson would make those ridiculous claims and you have made them before

My wiper make stinky brown distillate means you are a very poor tech if it’s true. Like worst in the biz

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Cmon guys don’t ruin this thread too, shit is getting old…

With ethanol extraction it makes sense to go wiper, but if you are using hydrocarbons for the extraction, a short path is more scaled for that.


That’s a crazy statement.

Hydrocarbon crude is great for wipers and is much cleaner and leaves much less residue in the wiper than etoh crude

I ran a Luna for crude and ran 200 lbs a day in it. Not cup15 numbers but plenty to supply the hot dog water for our own cart sales and some wholesale.

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Thats 200lbs of input material per day though, say the guy is maybe doing 200lbs in a week, would a wiper still be worth the additional cost?