Lol. who else has ruined clothes in this industry?

I can’t be the only one who had a jar pop and spooge my pants, shoes, shirt.

Let’s normalize some failures! Gotta laugh at the mistakes, or the wins just don’t feel as good.


Just gunna say, I’d ebay this outfit if we got any takers. Gotta be at least 100$ in it now


Nice topic
I think that 80% if all my clothes are damaged or stained in some sort of way
And it s come to the point that it embarrasses my wife always walking in clothes that would be ready for the bin
I should try to get myself the discipline of working in working clothes
But ever so often I walk to the garden shed to check on something and before you know it stains galore


Well shit.

It seems my problems have compounded for the night.

My bracket print decided to not stick to the bed, I worked for 5 hours.

Oh man, oh man. It’s good I assembled this myself because I’m going to have at least 5 hours of re assembly after 12 hours of printing myself a new head.


Bro! Haha.

I go out for dinner with the lady and look at my shatter stains, reminiscing about the 5 dinners I could have bought with that stain.

Its a real problem that is unaddressed in the industry, IMHO


How do you like your Voron? I got mine built and printed a bit but I tried printing PETG and the carriage melted :upside_down_face:

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Lab clothes carry the expectation of getting ruined eventually. Opened a jar with some spicy gas the other day, and it projectile vomited all over me and the room. Not as bad as @thesk8nmidget has been hit, but it sucked nonetheless. Worst part was how coated my keys were. 4 washes later, and the shirt still smells like Iron Lung. Haha


It’s funny how lab coats are always available for that very reason, but “nah I’ll be alright” is the typical response to “hey do you want your lab coat?”


It’s why cannabis companies give out so many free t shirts/merch. So you can use it to make hash and get covered in cannabis :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You just like having a cache of clothes on standby so you look different than what’s posted on the police bulletins about you


I used to say this when any product got on me. Instant designer. If you know you know.

In reality all of my pants have little brown specks on them and many of my longsleeves have speckled arms and cuffs. Idk why i havent just tossed them yet.


Lab coats are for tours and photo shoots, when we need to look presentable. Looks better in these situations when they/we are not covered in hash.


I would tend to agree, but one of my wooks has an engineering degree, bonafide shirt-tucker. When he’s in the lab, he has his lab coat on. I always get a giggle but he always keeps his clothes clean :joy:


He doesn’t sound like a wook at all xD

All of my work clothes look horrendous especially any pants and boots I wore. And the one time I wear a white T-shirt it ends up like this from a lil splash of etoh/carbon

Now it’s designated for dirty work lol

Edit: this shirt has probably been washed over 100 times since

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Luna sent us t-shirts that looked like they have grease stains on them when they came in the door…


I have literally 1 pair of pants without stains, a few shirts, and my boots are weathered pretty well and going on 6 years of abuse. The boots finally have lost some stitching around the ankle where the top connects to the sole. All of my pants either have resin, pump oil, grease, all types of dirt/media, blood, rips, silicone caulking, same with the shirts, I could go on and on, but the conversation here is pointed towards that exactly, so if you’re really not ready to have 2 separate wardrobes, you’ll always have a stain some where on something, it just comes with the work. If you’re not ready for that, I suggest wearing Michelin man suits (white full body covers) and booties on your feets.

All that being said, best pair of pants I’ve used were from sheard. Second favorite Carhartts. As for shirts doesn’t really matter. Boots ariat square toe work boot with dr scholls gel soles.

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When it comes to stick clothes and spicy gas I’m very thankful for the change of clothes on hand and the showers on site!! I’ve had to take a handful of mid day showers and the bottle of cooking oil in the shower for the sticky hash that’s stuck all over your skin.


I employ some exceptionally talented wooks! All 3 are some real class acts and they kick ass!


i applaud you for be able to wear keys like that while you work

it sets my autism off bad, anything sensory like that i cant even waer a belt.

makes conceal carrying while i extract tricky but i make it work.


Must be nice! Us poor folk country bumpkins gotta go out back with a spray bottle of party liquor!