Local glass blowers

Hey everyone,

I am looking to connect with local glass blowers to sell their products retail & wholesale online. I currently own and operate a a vape hardware business and have started to expand our glass product offerings with some early success. We are based in Seattle, WA.

Does anyone know of any local glass blowers that would want to be featured on our site or want to work directly with an online retailer/ wholesaler?


It would probably help a lot to add in your location.


Thank you! First time forum user here. Still getting the hang of it.

We are based in Seattle, WA.


strange request, wheres local? Do you mean non chinese?

Whats t=strange about me suggesting him to add hid location? hes asking for local glass blowers.

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Good question. USA based glass blowers would work great but preferred in WA or Oregon since we are based in Seattle!


i said his first request was strange, it didnt have his location at first. im bad at this shit and responded to you.

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Welcome to the future @jlav19! Hopefully you find an army of glad blowers. :slight_smile:

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wheres the thread where they show off?

That’s the plan! So many things going on but we will climb this mountain one topic at a time!

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I just edited it. Seattle, WA.

I just started using this forum so keep the feedback coming in! Thanks!

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find the glass thread on here, there must be one, and link it to this thread so I can see the blowers works. Heres my go to pipe= image

and something like this-

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I cant tell if its a willstar or a kennaroo? i have both and it looks like willstar but the front window is kennaroo style. its kennaroo I guess. my wilstar is shaped just like this one. my kennaroo looks like out of lord of the rings.

@jlav19 Pretty sure there’s a couple treads with cool glass, but this one has some good stuff in it:

I’m pretty sure there was some discussion in there from a couple glass blowers here at f42k. Hopefully they will chime in here.

@Slabby are you still blowing glass?

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thats dab rigs, i got some nice dab rigs but i really just smoke flower so like dry pipes.