Live Resin Gummies - Terpene Burn off temps


I had some questions about terpenes and the temps that they burn off in regards to live resin gummies/gummies that have strain specific terps added to them.

If terps start to burn off around 70-100F, and we’re taking a pot of gummies up above 200 degrees, then adding terps/live resin to the mixture before depositing, wouldnt that mean we are burning some of the terps off?

If so, is there any way to combat this? the gummy mixture needs to be hot to remain liquid, so how does one add terps and or live resin to a gummy without risking burning the terps?

Anyone got any data or experience with this?

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Add immediately before you pour. We mix terps + actives + MCT and add it all at the same time and mix thoroughly right before adding acid.

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I’m not a commercial kitchen, but is it normal to go that hot with gummies? My typical temp is 120-130f. I follow the recipe found here from MagisterChemist? (I forgot his name).

Edit: ahh pectin.

Yes, ime we get upwards of 210-230 when cooking pectin gummies.