Live resin carts throat burn

So I’ve been making carts from shatter and crumble for years. I would winterize, decarb under vacuum while purging ethanol, decarb hot and long under vacuum to preserve color. Didn’t care if I stripped terps. Reintroduce 5-6% hemp or cannabis terps.

People loved those carts

Started buying live resin from a friend. I explained what I was going to do, requested fairly low terp live which he sent.

I have a vacuum pressure vessel which I decarb the live resin in. Add the live resin, pull vacuum (don’t have nitrogen yet), decarb and fill carts. Did two batches, neither was fully 100% decarbed, but mostly decarbed. The batch of gdp has enough thca it will slightly recrystallize at a low temp of like 69’f, melts down with higher ambient temps of 85’f+

I’ve sold quite a few and I’ve started getting reports of them being harsh and having more throat burn and irritation then the shatter carts. I found one of my old shatter carts and I have to say they’re right. They were much smoother with no throat irritation. They still get you high, just more harsh and not as smooth as the shatter carts.

So now my question is what gives? How do I smooth out this live resin? I have a new batch ready to process for carts. I sat the shatter carts and a live cart in the sun, let them get hot, they had very similar viscosity. Is it the thca? Is it because the live resin isn’t fully decarbed?

Here’s photos of the live before, and filled carts. One is cloudier, that’s the gdp that wasn’t decarbed as much

Here’s the latest batch of live I got, I asked him for a terpier batch, haven’t made carts with it yet


Probably heavy amounts of b caroyphlene or terpenolene

Centrifuge the terps off, and dab a sample mixed 50/50 with distillate. If it irritates, increase distillate; if it has light taste, increase terps


On one hand I agree, but they specifically mention GDP which should be myrcene dominant. Could it be plant waxes? Leftover CRC media?


Possible, some media’s need 0.2 micron filtration.

I’d say its terp content. Most of my extract cannot be carted with its as extracted thca to terp ratio without nose burn. Gotta spin off some of the HTE to get the proportions right…


That terp tickle sucks! There’s a few companies here in Oregon that are regularly guilty of having too terpy of carts. Great terps, just way too high of concentrations.


Crazy how useful this thread was for me.


Was hoping to avoid distillate.

Guess my best option is to get a fuge, spin off the terps, decarb the thca and add the terps at my own ratio?


That’s my concern. Would CRC material pass the cotton wick and vaporize? Could the be carried in the vapor?

So here is a fuge I researched if you need one. I’ve been reading a lot lately lol.


You can save yourself about $200 getting the Chinese made version that doesn’t have the vikinglab sticker off amazon or ebay


Yes. This is what is required

And for other homie above, buy the LD4 on ebay and save yourself some money…like @tokesandtinkery said


do you prefer the ld4? looks like the difference between the ld3 is 50ml 6 site vs 100 ml 4 site

guessing the 100ml tubes give you more room to work with, ie keeping the terps and diamonds separate

I use the LD3. In the beginning…we found the LD3…So that’s what ive used. We originally found the tubes with fritted filter in 50ml size…so it was an easy choice.


the ld4 is a 100ml 4 site, according to amazon, you use 50ml tubes in there?

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You’re correct. I’m mistaken.edited my comment


Yes I used the ld3 from eBay and bought the tubes from Ypsilanti
Then bought some paper tubes(.2micronz) a hundred pack from Amazon, and the terps didn’t flow

good source for the tubes?


Is that just a shit photo, I don’t see how that could work as a .45um filter, the gaps look huge on the insert

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