Live in illegal state. Looking to make my own carts. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Hello everyone. I live in South America and have recently been importing carts from Los Angeles. Everything has been going great, except that now people are asking me for more orders and that makes it more difficult to get 100+ carts over here. So I am thinking that it would be possibly better to mail distillate along with other ingredients I may need and make the carts myself here. I am currently paying $10/(200 minimum) cart in LA but I am also very worried with the products I am buying. With all the news about bad carts it also makes me uneasy and I am definitely not trying to sell toxic product, which makes me want to make my own carts even more. Have no experience making carts but have been somewhat studying and watching videos the last 10 days.

What I am looking for is someone (or people) that have great experience with this and can help me with:
-purchasing high quality distillate or concentrates
-shipping the distillate or concentrate
-giving me the recipe to make high quality safe carts

I am initially looking to purchase a small amount of distillate (maybe like a quarter liter?)and would increase my orders. I have my sister located in Los Angeles who would be able to meet up with anyone.
If anyone is able to help me I would greatly appreciate it!! Thanks for your time!!

Oh man, first, there’s plenty of info here about carts and how to make them yourself, use the search bar. People here prefer you research first before being spoonfed.

Second, this is NOT how you would go about asking someone to ship you a large amounts of an illegal substance, unless you’re a cop being really bad at his job…


:policewoman: :frog::coffee:


Thanks for your response. Yea I realize it was a little too much information I’m just looking for some fast help lol. Not necessarily looking for someone to ship, like I said my sister lives in LA and she could buy in person. Would obviously be willing to do anything for verification (maybe smoke a joint via FaceTime?) or can share my social media to prove I’m not a cop lol. Actually just a poker player looking to make some non-variance extra funds.
Anyways I realize I prob look like a cop, but thank you for your advice. I will continue to search through the forum and try to find what I am looking for.

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You will get your sister popped this way. Your sister should tell her cartridge plug she needs distillate. Paying 8/g at that price should let him eat enough to not be shisty.

The formulas are scattered all over here but the most successful combinations have been

90-95% cannabanoids and 5-10% terpenes

The most technologically advanced cartridges at the moment are

qCell, cCell, and iCell (ill turn these into links later)

Ask for lead free

The best way to mix small batches is a

25ml low form, flat bottom test tube or media bottle heated to 80c

and a handheld homogenizer

The best way to fill such a small batch is with a 50ml syringe with a heat pad wrapped around it on a lab stand feeding a continuous draw syringe

I sell a steel version of this made with purpose driven extractor parts.

The best place to get terps is from god herself, the cannabis plant has been smoked for thousands of years now. You can get cannabis derived terpenes from a few vendors on here that can be shipped almost nationwide.


Thank you for your great response!! Managed to get 150 grams of distillate for $7/gram

Could you let me know what you think about the looks of this?
Could you recommend who I could get terpenes from? Would need about 10 grams for this 150 g?
Thanks for your response. Really appreciate it!

You cannot tell the quality of distillate from an image. Flip that baby at room temp (75) and see how many minutes it takes to budge


Thanks qma. Gonna tell my sister to do that. Yesterday it was liquidy kinda and I called the supplier(who is actually a friend that I would say I kinda trust) about it and he said it was because it was like 100 degrees over there or something and that when it cooled down it would be fine and not to worry about it.
How many minutes should it take when flipped over? And is the color any indication of its quality? Have seen and read that clear is supposed to better maybe?

At least 20 minutes at 75 degrees. Make sure it is actually that cool with a thermometer. Stab it with a dab tool. It should feel like almost dry polyurethane or a soft vinyl with some strength but just a little give to where you leave marks and not chips


Thanks qma. Truely appreciate your input. Got the distillate, messaged a couple people about the cartridges. I think I’m just missing the terpenes. Any help with that or if could get it locally in LA?
Do you have any experience shipping distillate or have any idea how one would go about this? My initial reaction is that I don’t want to mail it in glass in case it breaks, but also think that maybe putting it in a glass honey container could be an ok idea mailed with a care package containing snacks?
On the other hand, think mailing in plastic would be more secure, but not sure if that will be too much of a hassle to withdraw from when received?

We can’t give you advice on how to mail it lol

Maybe if you started over and asked about mailing your CBD distillate :blush:


OP is referring to mailing across country lines, which under my current understanding is illegal be it CBD or THC


Lol my bad guys. Thanks for all the great info. Anyone have any idea ignoring there isn’t somewhere in LA to get some legit cannabis terpenes? Like a store to go or something?
Thanks everyone!! :slight_smile:

I just read about a place like that.

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Shit lol

Oh, of course. Some countries frown on cbd distillate so you may need some subterfuge to it.

You probably want to label as boutique hand soap, candles or eyebrow wax

@Rblazin talk to @DenverTerpenes if you want blended botanicals. I heard they are giving out free samples. They also say their terps are better than @FloraplexTerpenes and @TrueTerpenes. Neither of those companies said anything, so I guess they don’t want smoke.


Thank you @qma!! True boss!!