Just got word law enforcement is doing undercover surveilliance in the weed district in LA

Heard from a trusted source. Right now in the weed district there is undercover officers doing surveillance. For those of you unaware, we have a downtown area in LA called the weed district where a ton of shops sell carts/packaging/terps/HONEY CUT/accessories for smoke shops and dispensaries. If you’ve been to the True Terpenes LA location, you know where it’s at.

I am not sure what they’re looking for but I bet its to see who’s buying honey cut, because the weed district has been here forever and law enforcement never gave a crap. I don’t think its a coincidence that this is happening while all the vaping deaths and illnesses are taking place.

If you’re still out here cutting your carts up with thickeners, I would stop. Don’t send your lackey in there instead to buy for you. These guys are not stupid and will end up putting 2 and 2 together. I get some of you are losing customers because your competitors are making carts cheaper than you, but I bet some of these competitors are going to end up catching cases.

Just passing the word along, don’t shoot the messenger


nah, they just wanted to get some sweet new paint jobs. I heard dicks were in style.


police cruisers looking for 6 footers painted from bumper to bumper :skull:


@Badcookieextracts you still doing toll dick paintings on law enforcement vehicles? :joy: :skull:


Yeah of course, I never give up the side hustle, especially one as lucrative and rewarding as this one I even have premium upgraded artistic versions nowPgraff%20image%201st%20xZuXhZiE_etc


Wheres the PA (prince albert), or Jacob’s ladder. Shit its 2019, I’ve had mine done for 20yrs nown


That’ll cost extra cause it ends up being a multi media project :wink:


that whole district sounds like a little piece of purgatory

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lmfao you guys and your phallic symbols of justice


It’s really unbelievable until you go there and see it. I bought my first glass CP jars there out of a back room. I since skiped the middle man and deal directly with buddies cousin in China.

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