Liquid diamonds is just distillate, change my mind

No so much anecdotal “diamonds are more clear/pure” ignoring all that it takes to get that level of clarity/purity.

And yes josh, I prefer raw thc generally but I remove the a from it by myself and don’t have someone struggling with the math to get the correct formulation. I like the purity, there is no full spectrum of the cannabis plant in a single isolated compound.

No offense, but I’m not sure I follow what you’re saying here man.

Am I Josh? And ignoring what?


What form of THCA can’t crystallize? I guess that would be a new product to me.
These “liquid diamonds” over here are just decarboxylated THCA. They are usually 98-99% THC.

So I guess the difference would be purity of just the THC, not the cannabinoids…? liquid diamonds are pure THC, while traditional THC distillate usually contains some minors.

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Take thc-a and mix it thoroughly with
A basic water solution this will deprotonate the thc-a cooh form to thc-a coo- Wich is a bitch to crystelize

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Huh… This is the first I’m hearing this… but I am not a real chemist by any means lol.
How do you usually mix THCA with a water solution? it’s oil soluble.

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I’ve heard of this, always wondered how deprotonated THCa would work in a cart. I’ve had some high THCa carts that freeze up and don’t flow but don’t crash either.

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Argg level up darnit

So make basic water ph 12 should be enough potasium hydroxide or natrium hydroxide
Dissolve thc-a in a alkane pentane hexane or heptane and mix thoroughly
This will deprotonate your thc-a rinse with cleane water dry with a drying agent like magnesium sulfate
Evaporate solvent off and that’s it


If that’s what they’re calling melted diamonds when it won’t crystallize to begin with then it’s just deceptive marketing. I would assume you would need to dissolve the thca in something so it’s not a powder.

you’re a badass